Example sentences of "[noun] that i [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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1 I did n't want John thinking that I said he would get her one .
2 So I make no apologies for beginning this book in the way that a conjurer might , by giving you an apparently free choice from the pack while in fact forcing on you the particular card that I want you to take .
3 An Amex gold card that I suspect he ca n't use .
4 He said it with such heartfelt force that I believed him .
5 ‘ It was n't until he produced the ring that I took him seriously . ’
6 Though it has to be said , he wrote , and Goldberg , his eye racing down the page covered in his friend 's tiny handwriting , paused to sip from the glass of fresh orange-juice at his side , wiped his forehead and went on typing , it has to be said that I have occasionally had the illusion that I knew what step to take first and even , occasionally , what step to take second , I will not talk about a third .
7 It was only when I got home and looked up the dictionary that I realised what a gem it had been .
8 John , of Pontypridd , Mid Glamorgan , said yesterday : ‘ It was n't until I came to pay for a car at the auction that I realised what I 'd done .
9 One evening as I was nearing Farr 's entrance , I was running , tripped , with the result that I banged my head on the pavement .
10 Advanced age had by now somewhat mellowed my mother , with the result that I enjoyed my visits to the palace , for when the subject was other than myself she could be stimulating and amusing company .
11 We were expected to follow the lessons in our Bibles , with the result that I knew my way about the Bible very competently .
12 One of Crossman 's cardinal convictions was that Britain was run not as a democracy but as an oligarchy — and that view of his was perhaps partially reflected in my own youthful outburst against the essentially incestuous relationship between politicians and journalists that I thought I had discovered even within the people 's party .
13 ‘ Bear in mind that I gave my evidence after Blissett had been charged by the FA for a serious breach of the laws of the game — and the experienced commission of inquiry , which conducted a rigorous investigation into the incident , cleared him .
14 When I intervened in the right hon. Gentleman 's speech he replied in such confusion that I thought it best to give him time to reflect , and to ask my question again later .
15 It is as a stranger that I greet my own self , and see it as an unknown fellow traveller through time .
16 It was on one of these weekend trips to Regina that I wrote my first outside interview for the paper — an interview with John Philip Sousa .
17 What can I do though , Karen , it 's not my fault that I love it , surely ?
18 I thought it was n't fair that I should begin to show when I was barely into my fourth month , and I got angry with my clothes , as if it were their fault that I pulled them out of shape .
19 David and I did have conversations about it and I told David that I thought he should get an accountant , or that he should ask for an account from Tony if he had questions about where money was going .
20 I also told David that I think there is a substantial difference between my vision of the Library and that of some other staff , and that this factor is the cause of much of the perceived difficulty between myself and others .
21 It was precisely because the measures in the social chapter would have damaged first employment prospects and secondly our competitiveness against Japan and the United States that I found them unacceptable .
22 There are two other books that I co-authored which cover this aspect .
23 As I entered the committee room from the standard uncarpeted passage , I was given a friendly and businesslike handshake by the chairman , Lord Franks , who had courteously got out of his chair to greet his witness — an unfailing politeness that I gather he extended to every other witness .
24 I would say to other pregnant teenagers that I think it 's great if they are happy about it .
25 ‘ I was so wrapped up in my own performances that I needed someone with experience to help .
26 and er I was looking at in , there 's a lot of slang words that I think what
27 ‘ I 've got so many pictures that I thought I 'd have a clear out ’ , she explains , surrounded by the sale items which represent months of hard work .
28 ‘ I 've got so many pictures that I thought I 'd have a clear out ’ , she explains , surrounded by the sale items which represent months of hard work .
29 I was so frightened by the blind man 's violence that I obeyed him without question , and took him into the room where the sick captain was sitting .
30 You are angry , vulnerable , gentle , fierce , with such bewildering speed that I find it fascinating .
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