Example sentences of "[noun] that i [verb] [pron] " in BNC.

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31 It was through this involvement and my direct experience of lesbian oppression that I found myself wanting to be a part of creating a new lesbian feminist identity along with other lesbian sisters .
32 The working party on Equal Opportunities that I said I would convene ?
33 ‘ Good afternoon , ladies and gentlemen , it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the magic of television … ‘
34 One of my reasons for becoming involved in Westland was that I felt in some respects that I owed them something .
35 [ reading ] " I always thought my young master a fine gentleman as everybody says he is , but he gave these good things to us with such a graciousness that I thought he looked like an angel . "
36 On the other hand , it was on this condition that I joined your company : you agreed that should your business ever go public , I would have fifteen per cent of the equity for the nominal sum of fifteen thousand pounds .
37 As I was applying to art school I needed a reference so I told Vivienne that I thought I 'd ask Malcolm , since he was my employer .
38 York 's a historic city of some hundred and four thousand people , covering some two thousand nine hundred hectares , but that city itself is only part of the settlement that I think we would all regard as as York itself , that covers a larger population of some a hundred and thirty five thousand people , er contained er within the York outer ring road , and referenced to the the map submitted with my H One submission , and also the greenbelt plan which we 've we 've just put up on the board there , er will show you the the broader extent of the urban area .
39 And the story that I heard which may not be true that he had he did n't have the wig and gown .
40 It was only when I looked up to my right and saw the board that I realized I had come to the right place .
41 Er , I am mindful chairman that I embarrassed you acutely at the end of education meeting on Friday , erm , and I know that I , I have a circumstance coming up in February , where I have a child who is unexpectedly on a training day , erm , on a day where I actually have two meetings of this council , now either I get substituted , or we arrange for a one off carer situation .
42 But it was in Colchester Park that I had my first lesson in conservation in microcosm , if you like .
43 I made it clear on a number of occasions over recent years that there was , in retrospect , one change that I wish we had not made at the time , but it was one that was urged on us by right hon. Gentlemen opposite .
44 When I came to Macmillan , it was with the greatest difficulty that I telephoned him at all .
45 because where all the sort of a route that I reckon I know I , I am not gon na know it all .
46 Marchmont himself was forced to admit that ‘ Lord Anson 's promises are so long in the performing that I reckon none of us will build sudden expectations upon them ’ .
47 ‘ Will you write Charles Napier that I made his man Moncrieff a lieutenant , ’ Keith wrote , ‘ and I am now obliged to invalid him to prevent his being dismissed by a court martial .
48 I think it was Angie and Tony , going back to that incredible support that I told you about when I first met them , that they were also dreamers and had such faith and believed in David 's future and his destiny .
49 At times I become so obsessive about the dangers that I find myself making lists of what could go wrong .
50 But at the time I was so excited by my good luck that I forgot what I owed to Joe .
51 She was so obviously upset by the break-up that I asked her out to lunch to cheer her up , and I asked her home because I thought my mother and sister might help her .
52 Nor was it mere coincidence that I arranged my holiday for a special part of September .
53 ‘ It was only during the afternoon that I remembered it was my 15th birthday . ’
54 IT was on a very wet Saturday afternoon that I found myself on the top of the North Downs observing whiffs of smoke emerging from a boiler which to all intents and purposes was standing among a mountain of waste metal in a field almost miles from anywhere .
55 so if you wanted to go see if you change William 's thing to the colour I want and if they had , he said he thought the shirt that the guy got with it matched it better than the smaller check , so do you wan na give him that check shirt that I bought him ?
56 He started wearing women 's clothes , he started putting on make-up and on the last couple of times that I saw him he was pretty strange .
57 ‘ In those Go-away times that I knew you had I should have guessed you needed help . ’
58 It was through the OTC that I met my future husband , Eric , who was at that time a permanent staff instructor .
59 I started off the way I write every album — wrote a couple of songs , got a feel for the music and called up the musicians that I thought I could do the songs with .
60 I started — and still do — in a field that I call my Chagall field because Chagall once painted one exactly like it .
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