Example sentences of "over a " in BNC.

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1 In London , volunteer training programmes will now take place every September and February and will require an individual 's time for one evening a week over a six-week programme .
2 Over a period of time they will all be ill .
3 Since you are agreeing to make regular payments over a number of years , it is probably easier for you to pay by Banker 's Order or Direct Debit Mandate when the payments will automatically be made from your bank account .
4 Can I extend my covenant , if I wish to continue making payments over a longer period ?
5 For instance we can suggest ways of rescheduling the payments over a longer period .
6 What are the advantages of Gift Aid over a Deed of Covenant ?
7 What if I wish to give small amounts regularly over a period ?
8 They had been held in the Military Prison outside Kuwait City , some for over a month , reportedly in deplorable conditions .
9 The presenter of a television series has some advantage over a writer , since filming is more flexible than book production .
10 Yet I know of no picture in which the mid-day heat of Midsummer is so admirably expressed ; and were not the eye refreshed by the shade thrown over a great part of the foreground by some young trees , that border the road , and the cool blue of water near it , one would wish , in looking at it , for a parasol , as Fuseli wished for an umbrella when standing before one of Constable 's showers .
11 Nicholas Dyer is imagined as the builder of Nicholas Hawksmoor 's churches in the East End of London ; the enlightened edifices of a rational Christianity are thereby ascribed to a devil-worshipper , while the name ‘ Hawksmoor ’ is assigned to the Detective Chief Superintendent who , in the later narrative , frets himself into a delirium over a series of stranglings which takes place in the vicinity of the churches .
12 ( Monday to Friday ) , giving a taste of the kind of stamina that will ultimately be required over a much longer period .
13 The cost of training at a summer school over a five-week period will vary with the different establishments , but the overall fee is likely to be around £700 ( 1990 prices ) , for all students , whether from Britain or overseas .
14 In some schools you will be asked to participate with other students in basic class work over a weekend ( as happens at the Bristol Old Vic drama school ) and in some you may find yourself being judged partly by senior students of the school who will be sitting with the faculty panel ( which is something that happens at Drama Centre ) .
15 Altogether , tutorials take place over a period of about twenty-four weeks in the last year of a course , and usually by the last twelve tutorials a student has a much clearer idea of what he or she is about .
16 Most drama schools final productions are staged over a similar sort of schedule , which means agents are asked to see students ' work over a fairly compressed period .
17 Most drama schools final productions are staged over a similar sort of schedule , which means agents are asked to see students ' work over a fairly compressed period .
18 Like the mash tun , it has a slotted base and the liquid runs out of the vessel over a bed of spent hops .
19 Angus Crichton-Miller , managing director of the Rank Organisation 's holidays and hotels division and a member of the study group said : ‘ It is not an efficient system to have such changes between busy and quiet periods and it would be better if we could flatten prices over a longer season , rather than have such high-peak-season prices . ’
20 Doing it manually , it had to be done over a period of two or three days , fitting it in after work . ’
21 The intense heat of being held over a gas jet will cause immediate and permanent discolouring .
22 When these films made over a twenty year period have , on rare occasions , been seen by Western audiences , critics have referred to him as neo-neo-realist or post-Brechtian film-maker .
23 He handed me over a key .
24 Sharon asked me over a slightly crackly line .
25 With reference to the article in June on breaking dormancy in sweet peas : experiments conducted over a period of several years at New College , Pontefract certainly seem to bear out Anne Swithinbank 's remarks .
26 Other types of skin cancer are associated with continued exposure to the sun over a long period .
27 For over a century the control of certain aspects of British social life has rested in the hands of the police forces of England and Wales .
28 However , these increasingly centralized and expensive units only enforce control over a very narrow range of public or ‘ street visible ’ acts of social disorder .
29 If the British system of policing is a social construction geared to the maintenance of élitist power and is primarily concerned to keep control over a materially disadvantaged underclass , then these same ‘ dangerous classes ’ seem to have willingly entered into this game of power-relations with their masters ; and by doing so they have deflected attention away from their own lack of privilege and power .
30 One result of this constant paradox is that while the police make statements welcoming research and applaud intellectual debate , they strive to impose rigid control over a system of preferred rules and regulations to negate open enquiry , so that systems are quietly but firmly deployed to deny the critical approach — as we shall see .
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