Example sentences of "over a " in BNC.

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31 For over a decade I lived with this new knowledge and with the ethical dilemma surrounding my own pursuit of insider research .
32 Then their blonde heads met over a whisper , followed by twin ricochets of studied laughter .
33 Satie over a building society commercial .
34 ‘ Pardon me being basic , but is it going to be nights over a hot typewriter with champagne and a little heavy breathing on the side ? ’
35 ‘ Christ ! ’ she exploded , ‘ all this bloody drama over a few kisses ! ’
36 Thus you will already be aerobically fit , that is able to sustain a relatively low work-load over a long period .
37 The second type of endurance training uses nearly flat-out effort over a period of up to three minutes .
38 Therefore , attack the bag with a mixture of kicks and punches , making sure that your action is continuous over a one minute period .
39 The cocked fist in a reverse punch travels just over a metre to its target .
40 The blessing itself is made over a cup of wine in honour of the day ( ‘ Blessed art Thou , O Lord our God , King of the universe , who createst divers kinds of spices ’ ) which adds to the light of the Sabbath , symbolised by the candle , offering a fragrance and a beauty all its own .
41 Visual illusions are an excellent illustration , in fact , of the division between a specialized and autonomous mechanism for seeing and the cognitive system which determines whether we should believe what we see , as Helmholtz pointed out over a century ago .
42 I have tested literally hundreds of children on conservation tasks over a period of twenty years and have confirmed ( to my own satisfaction at least ) that fundamentally — in terms of the central systems — one does not succeed in drawing their attention to non-salient features .
43 It was ridiculous getting so excited over a game .
44 This routine is designed to increase a person 's pulse rate , and then to monitor its decrease over a set period of time .
45 As the stylus is moved over a pattern , the router duplicates the original .
46 In the decade 's final timetable , there is an express every 15 minutes ( plus one extra ) between Swindon and Paddington over a two-and-a-half-hour period in the morning rush .
47 West Yorkshire , having presided over a massive expansion of rail traffic in recent years , is pushing for more electrification in the wake of the successful completion of InterCity 's electrification to Leeds .
48 The BMC 's ability to negotiate access agreements for the whole climbing community and to enforce their controversial bolting policy has been thrown into stark relief over a small and obscure gritstone crag in the Derbyshire Peak .
49 Near this is Les Barouilles ( 6a ) whose crux is a thuggish jamming crack over a bulge .
50 The Pulsar range is only available in one size , adjustable over a limited range , unlike the Laser and Cyclops which will fit more sizes .
51 The analogy with Munros and their associated Tops is obvious , and to collect either is likely to involve above average commitment and dedication over a sustained period of years , and require a broad spectrum of mountaineering skills .
52 Efforts over a prolonged period by the BMC and the Sandstone Climbing Club have failed to win reductions in the excessive charges here , but these efforts will continue .
53 When applying a varnish , the brush should be dipped into it for about one-third of the length of the bristles and then , holding the brush in a similar way to a pencil , with the fingers holding the metal ferrule and the handle resting between the thumb and first finger , spread the varnish quickly and evenly over a small area .
54 From his letters and his wife 's memoirs we picture him in cheap cafés hunched up in his greatcoat over a cup of coffee , with Russian and European newspapers spread about him .
55 At this gain the noise level of the instrument can be seen in quiet periods to be approximately 10 gamma — 15 gamma over a bandwagon of the order of 0.3Hz , reasonable enough for serious studies .
56 Speed of response can be set over a range of five steps , and may well have to be reset because , particularly in graphics mode , if it is too sensitive , loading up several movement commands into the buffer will require having to wait for them to clear .
57 The physical basis of the measurement leads to a linear response over a wide dynamic range , and reduces saturation and hysteresis effects .
58 In other words , over a frequency range above that of natural resonance of the single ion form , there will be perfect resonance of one of the ion forms even though the external frequency is not exactly the frequency required for that form .
59 The operation had been far from easy , the cable being ‘ … manhandled out of the hold of a steamer , over a pulley and round a drum which measured the speed , and then several times round a brake drum before passing into the sea ’ .5
60 A quick glance at the seven-layer decision-making ladder of the OSI , makes plain the potential for querulous technical in-fighting over a near-interminable period .
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