Example sentences of "just [adv] " in BNC.

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1 Nurseryman Mr Bootman , now recovering at his Grosvenor House Court home , Mildenhall , said it was first feared his legs were broken but they were in fact just badly bruised .
2 I 'm just badly organized .
3 Just badly enough to die , I imagine . ’
4 The bungalow did n't look so large from the back , just discreetly expensive , a low white outline from which the lawn sloped gently down to a neat concreted waterside .
5 Preston shrugged , as one did who had just single-handedly dispatched a Beast who Rode the Underground .
6 Especially as voiced by an American who had disloyally taken the wrong side in a war just successfully completed ‘ for democracy ’ , the sentiments must have seemed — in 1948 , when The Pisan Cantos appeared — nothing short of shameless !
7 The Battersea group have just successfully organised their fourth ‘ Embassy crawl ’ or sponsored walk on Saturday 19 October .
8 The reader may have found those remarks somewhat quizzical , for I pointed out that while philosophers of education have advocated ‘ autonomy ’ as an outcome for the educator to aim at , there seemed something quirky about describing , say , a graduate who had just successfully completed a course as autonomous .
9 ‘ And , from someone who 's just successfully ruined the gearbox of the Land Rover , that , if I might say so , ’ she parodied , ‘ is the height of impertinence .
10 Chigaga had just successfully negotiated a US$650 million economic restructuring package .
11 In no way can library suppliers be expected to promote a full range of material — not just commercially attractive titles , but also small , low-cost titles from obscure publishers which offer the supplier low profit margins .
12 The researchers have had some interesting experiences when they 've been out and about — it 's not all work and no play — just mostly .
13 Gooch has moved himself now to a very advanced second slip , no he 's going back to the aisle or to , I thought perhaps his position as Lawrence comes into short down the leg side and Russell takes it on his knees , but the conscience I think of the ball not carrying , he just mostly can , Chris Lewis that , come up a yard or two and Lewis scraps a mark with his boot .
14 Oh , is n't that just jolly good ?
15 The Emma was just astern of us in the convoy and keepin' station fine , even though she was a coal-burner . ’
16 When Talbot returned to the bridge he could see the marker buoy just astern , bobbing gently in the very small wake Van Gelder was creating as he edged the Ariadne gently to the north-west .
17 Maybe just locally , at local garages but as far as , far as being the all national or anything like that , there was never anything I with the tramcars .
18 The experimental evidence of gravitational lensing is strong qualitative evidence that GR applies over the whole of the Universe and not just locally in our solar system .
19 The results , which are in excellent agreement with GR , lend considerable weight to the argument that Einstein 's theory applies universally and not just locally .
20 According to Goldthorpe 's study , this denial is just empirically wrong .
21 If there are exclusively private events , in the sense that they are in principle , and not just empirically , inaccessible to more than one observer , it might be argued that such events could not be intelligibly claimed , let alone shown to be , subject to any laws , and this means that no rational explanatory model could be constructed for them .
22 This was just presumably Education Committee ?
23 The most immediate effect upon the lives of the people , however , came in the railways ' ability to transport perishable foodstuffs very long distances , not just within but between countries .
24 They 're just incredibly prominent .
25 Bum , box , belly , breasts — just incredibly prominent .
26 experience of trying to , trying to put through land reform in erm areas which then led to just incredibly bad
27 It interknits with that world of chances and mischances , improbable or absurd or grotesque or just neutrally happening as they do happen , which we meet everywhere in later Dostoevsky and specially in The Possessed .
28 No-one could deny the lungs on the girl , but DM 's ‘ Dull Dull Dull ’ was suspiciously bereft of dimension , as if the band were just stylishly filling the indie hair shirt .
29 I did n't really need too much time to think about it , I just instinctively knew .
30 Maybe these Indians can only take so much of poling Jesuits upstream and just instinctively snap and turn nasty and shove them overboard .
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