Example sentences of "just [adv] " in BNC.

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31 Media people , people from the advertising company Andy has just left , a few politicians — mostly Tory or Social Democrats though there are a couple of Labour guys — bankers , lawyers , business advisers , investment experts , actors , TV people — at least one film crew , though their lights are switched off for now — various other city types , a scattering of people who are , well , just professionally famous , and the remainder seemingly either part of some enormous floating meta-party or hired from some agency to impersonate people having a whale of a time : Rent-a-Hoot or something similar .
32 He was plainly as concerned as anyone else there , really concerned , not just professionally .
33 Having just metaphorically done in front of the vicar , small children and grandparents what they are about to do in the bridal suite , they offer everyone a small , naughty slice .
34 As my colleague N.K. Humphrey neatly summed up an earlier draft of this chapter ; ‘ … memes should be regarded as living structures , not just metaphorically but technically .
35 ‘ It 's just dead peculiar , that 's all . ’
36 ‘ I was just dead scared without knowing why … ’
37 And I went in there , and asked for their tailoring department and er er I found out after that I was just dead lucky , one of their trouser finishers was going to er leave , she was getting married , and she was leaving and erm although you did n't have to leave then , she she she sort of had got to leave , so er I just fell lucky , there .
38 He argues that a monad is fully determined by the attributes it has and , what is more , that every monad is qualitatively ( not just numerically ) different from every other .
39 It 's a short , sharp , you can see it there , you get to the top of it , get up to your roundabout , we hang a right , and the next , it 's a bit of a drag all the way up , you save coming , coming the other way it 's down hill , from just past The Bull , until you get to the , almost to that junction you turn off the top and you 're going up hill , just slowly , but cor , you get up to that , our junction , she drops down , we went straight down through the High Street , and we hung a right in the one way system , turn left , did n't get , quite get to Green Lane , turn left and up we come round the Green Lane , up and in the back way .
40 Anne was crying now ; not just politely staining her cheeks , but leaking profusely from her eyes and nose .
41 After the funeral was over and the bereaved student returned to college , instead of going up to him and holding him — or even just politely commiserating with him — most students ignored him .
42 I was just politely told they 'd left the area — " This number is no longer available as the special investigation team has left the area . "
43 Not just little square hangings .
44 It gets more stimulus and is just altogether happier .
45 Just altogether less demanding on the child as well as on the mother .
46 He is not just wholly complete and static , frozen into an eternal completeness .
47 I 'm just rather despairing about it happening .
48 I would just rather march at the head of the unit as I have done on many other occasions . ’
49 ‘ I do n't mind lobbyists , I 'd just rather they called themselves by their proper name as they do in Washington , rather than wittering on for hours about relationships with opinion-formers .
50 ‘ He 'd just rather do it with men .
51 And if he feels that the French have an unfair advantage in that to them the words " whisky " and " scotch " are good selling points whereas to us they are just rather blunt or evocative in the wrong way then he can invent some totally new name .
52 I was just rather rude to you . ’
53 I do n't see anything supernatural about it , just rather outside most people 's range of knowledge .
54 I expect you 'd just rather it was Mediterranean because it would feel less racist . ’
55 In your eyes we 're just rather ordinary men with quick reactions — ’
56 A furious Liverpool bench claimed Wright 's killing goal was offside — but TV replays showed he was just on .
57 He obliged by hitting a vast drive about fifty yards beyond Harley 's , who then got his second shot just on to the front edge of the green and about forty feet from the flag .
58 ‘ That 's what I was just on about , ’ William said with a sigh .
59 ‘ Our backs were disappointing in some respects against Monaghan , ’ he chides , ‘ We gave away two goals within a couple of minutes and you simply can not do that and expect to win championship matches — it 's not just on . ’
60 But my other commitments prevent me from turning up to their committee meetings now so erm I 'm sort of stepping back on to I 'm just on to their mailing list .
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