Example sentences of "we be " in BNC.

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1 Another reads : ‘ Where would we be without that much-maligned virtue , vanity ! ’
2 But how can we be sure ? he wrote .
3 Would I be right in thinking that there really are people with ‘ green fingers ’ and should we be doing more to encourage our younger generation to take an active interest in the garden ?
4 He wanted an open relationship after a while which meant him bringing bits of trade back and then saying could n't we be just sisters ?
5 How would we be received ?
6 Had Jonah been less indigestible how can we be sure that the whale would have expelled him ?
7 But can we be so confident that it can be stopped ?
8 Codes of practice set out by bodies such as the RYA to avoid the effects of contaminated waterways are all very well , but should n't we be taking direct action upon the problem itself — rather than making the best of a bad job ?
9 Civilization had to be more than a mere confluence of economic interests : ‘ And until we set in order our own crazy economic and financial systems , to say nothing of our philosophy of life , can we be sure that our helping hands to the barbarian and the savage will be any more desirable than the embrace of the leper ? ’
10 I think you could play so many tunes on it that not only would we be producing much more efficiently and economically , but people could have a better quality of life too .
11 Not only would we be able to provide battle-winning equipments for our own forces , but our balance of payments would benefit from a flourishing export trade in armaments .
12 Could we be sure in those circumstances that the American president and Congress would be prepared to risk the wholesale destruction of American cities merely to meet our point of view ?
13 But if it is not by any application of the resolutio-compositive method that we know that all causation is a matter of motion , how can we be sure that it is ?
14 Shall we be alone or in a crowd ?
15 We were both carrying packets of condoms , too , as an extra precaution , should we be granted the favours of some fair señorita or visit the red-light district , the barrio chino .
16 Only if the coin list from a site varied in some particular way from the typical pattern would we be justified in drawing any specific conclusion about it : an absence of fourth-century coins , say , would strongly suggest that the site was abandoned in that period .
17 ‘ Why should we be looking in the mill ? ’
18 If the ability to draw is not a skill necessary to most people 's lives why should we be concerned about it ?
19 May we be patient with people who find it hard to understand us .
20 May we be wary of judging people by their wealth .
21 May we be patient with those people whose lives have been difficult and who feel bitter and resentful .
22 We know it is foolish to be too trusting of other people , but may we be prepared to take risks sometimes and give other people a chance to get close to us .
23 May we be helpful and reliable so that other people can trust in us and find our friendship valuable .
24 May we be open and honest and trustworthy so that other people are never afraid of getting close to us and need never be afraid of us hurting them .
25 May we be caring and considerate so that other people trust us and feel proud to have us for friends .
26 May we be generous with our friendship and learn to be forgiving .
27 I just need to … could we be alone , please ? ’
28 ‘ So will we be , if anything comes unstuck . ’
29 Where shall we be ,
30 How would we be able to tell which we have ?
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