Example sentences of "we be " in BNC.

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31 ‘ From now on , the infant will be reared as I explained , and not for at least twenty years will we be able to report in much detail on the results of our investigations , although preliminary papers will be published in the professional press from time to time .
32 Where would we be without the
33 If we are technically subjects of the Queen , how can we be free and equal citizens ?
34 If the will of Parliament is sovereign and not the will of the people , how can we be true politically participative citizens ?
35 Still less can we be true citizens if that parliamentary will is in practice the will of a Prime Minister presiding over a cowed Cabinet and protected by an impregnable parliamentary majority .
36 Only by knowing the mechanisms responsible for latent inhibition will we be able to eliminate its effects allowing other forms of perceptual learning to be revealed .
37 ‘ Pamela 's father 's a shop-keeper , how can we be upper class ? ’
38 When will we be setting out , Duart ?
39 Would we be wiser if we were told ?
40 How can we be ‘ blessed ’ or ‘ happy ’ , if we have also to be humbled as ‘ the poor in spirit ’ , or to mourn , or to be meek , or to ‘ hunger and thirst for righteousness ’ ?
41 But can we be sure that the last three decades of sustained growth in crime are not a recording phenomenon ( Bottomley and Pease , 1986 ) ?
42 Our first daughter , Lewis-Ann , sometimes complained : ‘ Why ca n't we be like normal families and go to France or Greece ? ’ she would moan .
43 The best you can do is silks for a jockey skullcap , but should n't we be able to buy hats covered with light or reflective materials , instead of velvet , for road use ?
44 I do n't think that anyone would doubt that the treatment Dr Carrington received was extremely caring and humane ; but can we be sure that in other cases this will necessarily be so ?
45 Can we be sure that doctors will not continue to force treatment on a patient who has said ‘ Enough ’ , yet not cease treatment or hasten death too soon ?
47 Once we become aware of what we are doing , will we be able to go on being wasteful with our precious resources ?
48 Would we be right in thinking , a tidy sum ?
49 Can we be ?
50 Should we be vegetarian or even vegan ?
51 And the more dubious must we be of sweeping generalisations made on the basis of such statistics .
52 How much more blissful can we be armed as we are with transcendent philosophies ?
53 So should we be surprised that the architect has to content himself with high fees most of the time as his reward when an ungrateful society refuses to thank him ?
54 Should we be proud that the loaf broken at the Last Supper is now feeding 5000 denominations in as many different ways ?
55 Should we be passive and possibly die from lack of self defence — or shoot him dead and be tried for culpable homicide ?
56 Will we be the people who will have the task and experience of finding this cure ?
57 Only by having fought every battle and won can we be free from the constraints of being used to act out the wheel of life and be truly ourselves .
58 How can we be sure that the topics were put to a number of people in the same way ; that is , were they all responding to the same stimuli ?
59 Where would we be but for the work done by previous generations ?
60 for many teachers the ‘ old ’ Lehninger — Biochemistry ( 2nd ed , 1975 ) — has been a biochemical bible , but can we be equally enthusiastic about the ‘ new ’ Lehninger ?
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