Example sentences of "talking [prep] " in BNC.

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1 You may find your opponents talking at length of earlier items on the agenda or have late items postponed to a later meeting , or talking off the issue in order to divert the discussion .
2 You 're only talking off it you know shave .
3 Talking during a quarrel increased with age , but dialogues were rare .
4 An example of a punishing event would be a child at school who is reprimanded for talking during lessons .
5 Whereas the speaker is under considerable pressure to keep on talking during the period allotted to him , the writer is characteristically under no such pressure .
6 You will not want to reprove any children for talking during your speech .
7 Talking during the week with a veteran of the ANC — a man who has opposed Smith publicly and privately for years — I was surprised to hear him say , ‘ Whether the PM was right or wrong , we must assist him now to look into this idea of a change of heart . ’
8 Steve Holden and Wendy relaxed in what was a quieter atmosphere after being assaulted by an irate opera buff in the row behind for talking during the performance .
9 And it was fine when Busacher was paying him attention , rebuking him for talking during someone else 's numbers , railing at him for rudeness , for lack of participation .
10 Talking through specialities , he cites three : frogs ' legs with puréed garlic and parsley sauce , a colourful and popular dish .
11 It was partly because these artificial agglomerations soon broke up that we were left at the finish with a lot of little scraps , which nobody , when not talking through the back of his head , could mistake for potential nations .
12 We had tried talking across the negotiating table and we had tried talking through the medium of Pat Lowry , the Chairman of ACAS .
13 The Farm wanted for talking through their collective arse .
14 And she could hear them talking through the bedroom wall .
15 By talking through such emotions with a trained counsellor , people are helped to come to terms with their more negative feelings and accept that these are normal and common to a stressful situation .
16 Some couples make a habit of talking through whatever is bothering either of them whenever it crops up .
17 Talking through the advantages and the snags , and deciding what each can reasonably expect from the other , should reduce the threat of future rows and recriminations .
18 At its simplest , psychotherapy consists mainly of talking through past events and present problems , with assistance from the therapist or counsellor .
19 The day before the move Mr Munro was outfaced by the prospect of it , and needed to spend time talking through his feelings at leaving the old flat .
20 The emotional preparatory work , talking through some of these feelings , can take some time to achieve and is as well started before a formal request for admission is completed .
21 He 'd spend hours down at the Pyramid talking through his emotions on this one .
22 He broke his silence once , talking through a full mouth as the hamburger sauce ran down the side of his mouth .
23 She wept again , talking through her snuffles of things done behind her back , of stabbings .
24 And he 'd laughed out loud , talking through her , ignoring her frantic attempts to stop him .
25 Surely Mr Taylor is talking through his hat by implying that the part that matters in Victoria Glendinning 's life of Trollope is her speculation about Trollope 's sex life — however interesting .
26 Possibly the best way of talking through such matters is at local branch meetings .
27 " That kid 's talking through her umbrella , sir .
28 financial — photocopying etc … mutual support — talking through research techniques etc … embarking on collaborative research
29 Well we 'll we 'll we 'll come back to that one later one but if you just carry on talking through the various er items where there is these there are these significant differences .
30 That 's one of the occupational hazards of listening to people talking football — Docherty talking through his arse for a few quid .
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