Example sentences of "talking [prep] " in BNC.

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31 Can I just say as we , one of the reasons we 're talking through this if you have something that yo , ah that might be useful !
32 Not just talking through a positive side .
33 So , that 's for in a very small way , which is individual companies building up their own relationships , getting together people from the voluntary sector , nationally or locally , and talking through the nature of the problems , and how they can help .
34 They checked the few patients in the waiting-room , and Kathleen got Amy to sort them into priority , talking through the decision-making process as she did so .
35 she did she went on talking through the letter box to them
36 And yet they did n't have any signs so I think he 's talking through his hat .
37 And er god you should of heard him , god if it ai n't Ross all over again , mummy , mummy and she left him there , as I said when they first came he was in the far bedroom , well now I suppose with all these people she 's rearranged it indoors and he 's in the one next to our house , and she 's shouting at him and er it went on how , I ca n't tell you how long , I mean , Bev and I was talking through bedrooms you know
38 AFTER a weekend of hard talking between Michael Knighton and Martin Edwards , the Manchester United chairman , the 37-year-old property developer 's advisers were publicly sticking to the line last night that his £20m take-over bid for the club was ready to proceed .
39 There was n't much talking between them , apart from pleases and thankyous when Dot heard how two of them spoke awkwardly with unfluent foreign accents .
40 He looked for the gamekeeper from the villa among the group of men in dark suits and flat caps who stood talking between the plastic flower stall and the van selling salted fish , but he was n't able to spot him .
41 With regard to the need for direct and close contact , I do not think that we could have had a clearer example of that than the visit of President Yeltsin and the very straight talking between my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister and the president .
42 Duncan and I had been talking for about ten minutes or more and swatting the increasing number of mosquitoes that always arrived in force at this time of the evening .
43 ‘ You 've asked enough to keep me talking for a month .
44 Donald and Elinor had been talking for thirty minutes .
45 She wished he would stop talking for now he was saying , ‘ I 've been associated with Harrods of London for many years .
46 We are talking here about notes you are talking for yourself rather than a piece of work which requires your best copper-plate style .
47 We sat talking for about an hour while Anna tearfully related how she had recently been ‘ ditched ’ by her lover ( a young man of 23 ) for a girl of 18 .
48 In the end , the quacks and medicine men were left with that strange , disembodied feeling you get when you 've been talking for several minutes to someone who is n't there .
49 You learn by doing , because you have been talking for a long time .
50 She had been talking for several minutes about a party she had been to the previous evening .
51 Talking for the first time about his ordeal , Brian says : ‘ They left me in no doubt I was a leading suspect .
52 Kelly was talking for the first time since Brentford striker Blissett was acquitted of assaulting Torquay defender John Uzzell last week .
53 ‘ Do we have enough air ? ’ ; through controlling proceedings : ‘ I 'll be talking for ten minutes , with five minutes for questions at the end ’ ; and through acting as guide to the presentation , by commenting on the route , ‘ So that 's my second point .
54 Walsh thought that if it was left to the others they would go on talking for ever .
55 Everyone thought Pratesi was the buyer because he 's been talking for years about building a bigger place , rearing his own pigs and growing his own feed .
56 Young had spent all day here , moseying between the three-room Mayfair hotel suite , talking for 40 minutes at a time to every journalist lined up to see him .
57 ‘ I think I am talking for us all when I say that we will gladly work for nothing , just until matters improve , we have all been so happy here at Summer Lodge and each and every one of us would like to stay with you wherever you go . ’
58 In a taped interview with Jill Jones , Head of Science in a comprehensive , which I shall quote from several times , I asked her , after she had been talking for a while about the frustrations , what made it all worthwhile .
59 We continued talking for well over an hour , duly keeping the next appointment waiting .
60 A thrill went through Alice , as when someone who has been talking for a lifetime about unicorns suddenly glimpses one .
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