Example sentences of "is assumed " in BNC.

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1 Such criticism , it is worth noting , is basically mimetic ; literature is assumed to relate to experience .
2 The reading is deliberately contextless , and the mind is assumed or encouraged to be a Tabula rasa .
3 In other academic areas it is assumed that the teacher knows more than the student , and is there to convey this knowledge , whether as a corpus or a skill .
4 In Romantic-Crocean terms , the experience is assumed to be both unique and ineffable , to be undergone in a form of negative capability , without , in Keats 's words , any irritable reaching after fact and reason .
5 In a reversal of normal legal practice , this money is assumed to have been illegally earned , unless the trafficker can prove otherwise .
6 Now it is assumed all in a household have an equal share of the total income .
7 It is assumed that he was arrested on suspicion of being an American spy .
8 It is assumed that : Ax = Ay Fx Fy
9 This allows a comparison to be made between markets in countries that are at a different stage in their development , but it is assumed that their development will follow a similar pattern .
10 It is assumed that If Ax\ , Fx\ and Fyz are known , then market demand for product A in country Y in time period 2 can be estimated .
11 We therefore have : 1 ) the malady if it is a malady ; at any rate it is assumed to be a malady by the proponents of incomes policy ; 2 ) a theoretical cause of the malady , which is not disputed ; 3 ) the practical demonstration that this cause has been in operation ; and 4 ) the psychological explanation why that cause is desired , fomented and sustained by Governments .
12 To the lay reader the revelation of Clark 's memoirs is the complete self-assurance with which the effective influence of No. 10 over what does and does not appear in the national media is assumed , whatever slips may occur between cup and lip .
13 Beholden to an anatomically derived , heterosexually structured , and all-embracing dualism , such theories could only conceive of homosexuality as a disavowal of that very difference which is assumed to be fundamental to social , psychic , and sexual organization .
14 Before a successful method for dieting is assumed to have been found it must be realized that the effects were small and that the difference might reflect the greater energy expended by those who ate in the morning .
15 Although it is assumed that birds have not a highly developed sense of taste , both tits and blackbirds , despite any flamboyant coloration to attract them , recognise Sturmers as worthy of attention , and those out of reach , when harder weather prevails , will , as in former winters , attract both fieldfares and winter-visiting blackcaps .
16 But the document warns : ‘ Real pricing is assumed in every year of the plan , averaging approximately 2 ½ per cent per annum , consistent with the quality improvements which will be brought about by investment . ’
17 The demonstrators against the war in the streets of the capital are using the weapon of Islamic solidarity to have a go at the western powers , and some are indirectly critical of Mr Suharto , who is assumed to be the West 's friend .
18 It is assumed that Mr Cojuangco would then become chairman of San Miguel , as he was in the Marcos days .
19 It is assumed that holders of other sequestered shares will now try to regain their voting rights .
20 ’ . It is assumed that pain and suffering are forces driving men to true religion .
21 It is assumed here that juries and others do attach considerable importance to the label when it is a question of homicide , and therefore that the excessive use of force in self-defence is a matter which is properly reflected by a separate qualified defence , rather than being left to sentencing ( which means executive discretion , if the mandatory penalty for murder remains ) or forced artificially into the doctrine of provocation ( when there may be no real evidence of loss of self-control ) .
22 Prosecution is thus reserved for the cases in which some unfair advantage has been taken of the girl , particularly where the girl is under 13 ( when lack of proper understanding is assumed ) , where the man is considerably older than the girl , where the man held some position of trust in relation to the girl , and where there is some element of deception involved .
23 That is what she is assumed to want , and that is her innate nature and hence it should be so .
24 Because in the past , upper-class unionists have been less than staunchly committed to the defence of traditional loyalism , it is assumed that others who acquire elements of upper-class status , such as a university education , will themselves be more moderate than their uneducated elders .
25 The cone of vision is assumed to be right regular .
26 Within the cone of vision it is assumed that all lines and planes parallel to the picture plane are true to scale .
27 If you die leaving £347,000 to your wife it is assumed that she still has it when she dies , so £200,000 is taxable then .
28 This permits people to be punished for crimes that are assumed to have taken place , and of which the suspect is assumed to be guilty , without any formalities of proof , evidence or charges .
29 This mental health orientation leads to a more pessimistic outlook on patient needs — they not only require treatment , but it is assumed that it must be compulsory — and there is a tendency towards a ‘ presumption of risk ’ — that the presence of mental illness makes the situation inherently risky .
30 The discussion is more neutral only in so far as it is assumed that the curriculum ( such a global phenomenon ) is no-one 's responsibility in particular , and clearly this is so in an individual sense — but it is however the responsibility of the profession to take a leading role in this area and at the moment it is not fulfilling this role .
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