Example sentences of "is assumed " in BNC.

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31 Here it is assumed that the child 's right to education is a correlative of the parent 's duty to send the child to school .
32 The statue is late Roman , the head of ( it is assumed ) Archbishop Adelmanno having been added at a later stage in what was believed to have been tenth-century style .
33 If some market mechanism , actual or hypothetical , is assumed , the value of primary goods is the function of supply and demand where the demand is partly determined by the usefulness of the goods in the implementation of conceptions of the good which are actually pursued in that society and by the number of those pursuing different conceptions .
34 The interest of subjecting one 's society and one 's life to such principles of justice is assumed to be everyone 's highest interest .
35 It is assumed that so-called reminder treatments act in some way to increase the likelihood that associations ( especially weak ones that will be most in need of such help ) will be effective in generating overt conditioned responding , then the pattern of results observed can be accommodated .
36 It is assumed to be adversarial , whether the couple feel adversarial or not , whether or not they have specifically agreed that they want to be sensibly amicable .
37 The assumptions lying behind such targeted programmes are that the ‘ problem ’ is a bounded one , concerned with ‘ pockets of poverty or deprivation ’ , restricted areas of decay , which can be remedied through relatively limited expenditure and precise targeting of funds and activities to ‘ special ’ , different , difficult problems , limited problems which remain to be rooted out , while the rest of the system is assumed to be functioning well and on course for prosperity and harmony .
38 At the centre of the conception is high youth unemployment which , it is assumed , in the case of males leads to crime and trouble with the police ; in the case of females it leads to single-parent families .
39 Why is it not homicide to turn it off if , as is assumed , the patient is alive ?
40 It is assumed that different pattern-controlling genes are switched on in forelimb and hindlimb , but this remains speculation .
41 The link that is assumed between beauty and youth implies a link between old age and ugliness , and is detrimental to older people .
42 Because many old people are poor , or mentally or physically frail , it is assumed that they are also rigid , unable to learn , unable to make new relationships , and so on .
43 It is assumed that overall coverage of new publications in the authority is achieved by these departments .
44 It is assumed that all trainees will return to their bureaux and where necessary areas of weakness that emerged during training will be worked at with their in-bureau tutor .
45 As with Lombroso 's work and the Gluecks ' study discussed above , by starting with institutionalised criminals , it is assumed that all prisoners are criminals and that most criminals do , in fact , go to prison .
46 The claim that status frustration is the motivating factor also suffers from a middle-class bias , in that it is assumed that delinquents cherish middle-class status goals , such as educational success .
47 Criminal law is assumed to express and reflect the interests of the ruling class .
48 As Eyre ( 1987 ) reports , there is considerable variation of opinion relating to rates of deforestation ; FAO ( 1985 ) , for example , quote a figure of 3.0 per cent per year which is assumed to be due to commercial logging .
49 Each input data source is assumed to be characterized by an error model that represents reasonable estimates of the levels and nature of the data uncertainty thought to be present .
50 The population data arc rather more problematic , since they are generated from the ‘ centroids ’ of census enumeration districts ( EDs ) ; the boundaries of the census EDs do not conveniently follow a grid , it is assumed they have a similar fuzzy tolerance to the other coverages .
51 It is assumed that you are using version 5.0 of the program and that the original settings on the program disk are in force .
52 For all these species , therefore , it is assumed that there has been no preferential loss of jaws or teeth and that the numbers would be equivalent except for sampling errors .
53 In transactional analysis ( TA ) it is assumed that our habitual ways of feeling and behaving largely stem from the way we feel about ourselves in relation to other people .
54 In TA it is assumed that we all have stroke quotas , established in early learning .
55 It is assumed that the shallow water Lower Carboniferous carbonates uncomformably overlie a platform of these older rocks , which locally are intersected by the pre-Permian surface because of thrusting or uplift and erosion .
56 In the Dinantian rocks which appear to form a major part of the leading Variscan thrust slice , the source potential of the limestones and dolomites ( which represent shallow water facies ) is assumed on the whole to be relatively low .
57 Variscan upthrust is assumed to have been 2 km and virtually instantaneous at the end of the Carboniferous ; erosion of the same amount is assumed to have been complete before the Triassic .
58 Variscan upthrust is assumed to have been 2 km and virtually instantaneous at the end of the Carboniferous ; erosion of the same amount is assumed to have been complete before the Triassic .
59 It is assumed that in the overthrust belt the existence of structural closures can be taken as axiomatic .
60 It is assumed that because of a basin that is still strongly subsiding , the degree of coalification will not yet have reached the equilibrium which would relate to the present depth and temperature , and that gas generation and accumulation are still taking place here .
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