Example sentences of "[is] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 But it is although it does n't sound like her .
2 This is the great hall which is which is although it looks finished is actually by no means finished , I was just explaining to Mike we still need a go there , we still need a table there , we need all the windows to be done and we need three thousand pounds for that window .
3 Thus we have Macdonald reporting on the " almost unanimous chorus of opinion that women 's work as compositors is so inferior to men 's that it does not pay in the long run " ( the chorus in question being from employers ) But the testimony of individual employers is far from unanimous or even consistent .
4 ‘ It 's that it does n't suit you .
5 Not you , it 's that it 's , it 's been on show .
6 Compania de Telefonos de Chile SA 's $182.6m proposed convertible bond issue won ratings of triple-B-minus rating from Standard & Poor 's Corp , and Baa-3 from Moody 's Investors Service Inc ; Standard & Poor 's said its rating reflects the company 's dominant position in local telephone services , growth prospects , and favourable regulatory framework ; Moody 's that it believes the company will continue to be the largest telecommunications company in Chile and will benefit from a supportive regulator .
7 But consider now a misgiving voiced by Linda Woodbridge and shared by many others : ‘ To me the one unsatisfying feature of the otherwise stimulating transvestite movement is that it had to be transvestite : Renaissance women so tar accepted the masculine rules of the game that they felt they had to look masculine to be ‘ free'' ’ ( Women and the English Renaissance , 145 ) .
8 Gandhi 's implicit suggestion here is that it had yet to support non-violence for , as he says , bishops still felt able to support slaughter in the name of Christianity .
9 While agreeing with this description of Hoccleve 's illness as of psychotic severity , our own evaluation is that it had a more depressive quality , many of the symptoms described by Hoccleve meeting the modern criteria for serious depression .
10 The most telling comment on the wealth of the metropolis is that it had more men worth upwards of £100 than most other towns had taxpayers of all grades ; indeed , the number of four-figure assessments equalled the total taxpayers of some tiny market towns .
11 All I can remember is that it had nothing to do with his feet .
12 The reason , I believe , is that it had in mind the defeat inflicted on the previous Conservative government over the Jonathan Aitken trial to do with Biafra .
13 There can be no doubt that this course has heightened the management skills of some of those working in the voluntary sector , but an extra benefit is that it had widened the links between I B M and you , and widened the understanding between both of us .
14 The first is that it maintain a monopoly of economic power .
15 And these are things like thalidomide , that of course everybody knows about , and of course , tragic and terrible as it was , the fact is that it affected just four hundred and fifty children .
16 But the main argument against the view that ‘ there are enough churches already ’ is that it depends what you mean by ‘ enough ’ .
17 The truth of the matter is that it depends on the person and not the music we listen to .
18 The danger in utilizing a theory of ‘ mind ’ to solve the problem of grounding the sociology of knowledge is that it depends on concepts that relate to individual and inaccessible behaviour — ‘ thought ’ , ‘ consciousness ’ , etc .
19 The second , and more important , is that it depends on the test conditions .
20 ‘ The thing about directing is that it depends on how you read a play .
21 There is , however , a problem with this theoretical account , which is that it depends , as mentioned , on the validity of the efficient market hypothesis , that is , it assumes that the underlying value of the company 's business is accurately reflected in the market price of its shares .
22 The answer to that question is that it depends how you plan to use the recording .
23 The advantage the pure watercolour has over all other media is that it depends greatly on the light passing through the colour being reflected back from the white paper .
24 The answer is that it depends whether or not you think that the history of the earth is divisible into units by means of natural events ( or revolutions ) detectable by man .
25 And the answer of course is that it depends how much you make God like yourself , and that 's a test that Milton does n't come altogether well out of .
26 As Cumings has pointed out , the importance of this paper is that it foreshadowed with considerable accuracy the sequence of events over the next three years , culminating in the formal establishment of the Republic of Korea in 1948 .
27 A second problem with compensation theory is that it ignores the period during which any changes are taking place — the transitional period .
28 One of the criticisms of reporting convertible debt as a liability is that it ignores the equity rights which are inherent in an issue of convertible debt .
29 The response of Dr P to communications , it will be remembered , is that it ignores the aesthetic , that it is so obsessed with ‘ ideological statements and political texts ’ that it can no longer make a distinction between good and bad .
30 The weakness of this approach in terms of the British civil service is that it ignores the force of ministerial responsibility .
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