Example sentences of "[is] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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31 But the main weakness of this type of explanation is that it ignores the relationship between the various parts of the state apparatus and their socio-economic environment under both pre- and post-independence regimes .
32 One of the reasons for the beneficial effect of dietary fibre is that it reduces the absorption of cholesterol — but there are other ways , too , in which it would appear to perform useful functions in keeping the heart healthy .
33 My main difficulty is that it reduces the principle enunciated by this House in the Hoffmann-La Roche case to the status of an arbitrary rule — what Dillon L.J .
34 On a portable , the justification for this is that it reduces the weight , but the BJ-200 is n't a portable .
35 But one consequence of such stylistic infection is that it reduces the difference between the text being written about and the essay , and dissolves the boundary ( and difference of purpose ) between the two .
36 The , the result of this , this constraint on us is that it reduces our opportunity to secure the best returns available .
37 Part of the considerable achievement of Michael Mann 's imaginative but faithful treatment is that it manages to make acceptable for the 1990s some of the outmoded attitudes of its characters , and yet refuses to go for that eco-trendiness that will make Dances With Wolves look dated by the turn of the century .
38 One interpretation of the intermittent energy which Joseph Sturge put into the free produce movement in the 1840s is that it constituted an attempt by a Friend who had launched out into public and even political life to maintain links with more traditionally quietist brethren who none the less looked for greater perfection in the world .
39 But perhaps the precise reasons for its origin and the timing of its confirmation are not so important ; of greater significance is that it became a key precedent during the ensuing century for those who wished to restrict the outflow of money from the English church to the church universal and in particular to the Roman Curia ; its appeal to the interests of patrons whose intentions were thwarted or impaired by impositions on the houses so that ‘ infinite loss and disinheritance are like to ensue to the founders of the said houses and their heirs ’ was to reappear in the later statute of Provisors .
40 One drawback is that it responds only to quick changes in humidity , but the inventors point out this should not be a problem with a fuel gauge .
41 The advantage of this structure is that it responds swiftly to meet most developments whether from competition , government or consumer bodies .
42 The mark of a good organisation is that it responds positively when things get tough .
43 The disadvantage of this is that it creates all the lingering resentment and hostility of ‘ win/lose ’ situation .
44 The disadvantage of product departmentation is that it creates a new form of management and therefore increases the overhead costs and managerial complexity of the organisation .
45 ‘ Alcohol did me the greatest favour , which is that it brought me down to earth .
46 One general outcome of the comparison between the original and the reconstructions is that it brought out the very blandness and the almost self-conscious " flatness ' of Hemingway 's style .
47 One of the evolutionary advantages of segmentation ( the division of the body into a series of similar parts ) is that it becomes possible to maintain an old function and acquire a new one simultaneously , by modifying the organs of one segment while leaving those of another unchanged .
48 One consequence of augmenting the focus registers as in SPAR is that it becomes more common for candidates to be separated only by a weak focusing preference .
49 However , a consequence of so extending the scope of the imperative is that it becomes relevant only to the logic of value judgments , and has no direct bearing on how far a creature adapted to heed only what pleases it can push towards awareness against the grain of organic functioning .
50 One of the strengths of this approach is that it becomes much more immediately apparent why certain issues are felt to be important .
51 It is so very much what it is that it becomes something else .
52 The force of law is that it becomes part of common sense , and makes ‘ common sense ’ prescriptions about public order , theft and hard work .
53 The advantage of non-recourse lending from the point of view of a developer of promoter is that it becomes possible to structure the deal so that the entire transaction does not appear in the annual report and accounts .
54 she did n't say well er my husband brought me here because it was a decision that she had parted , it was a choice she had made as well and so she , she excepts her responsibility , she excepts her blame and she goes to return so there was , there was this sense of confession and , and confession can be costly when we 've got to admit that I was wrong , I did wrong , I was mistaken , I went the wrong way that could be a costly mistake and , and , and er costly experience for us to go through , but surely the , the true sign of repent is that we do acknowledge our sin , we acknowledge our failure , that we acknowledge what it means to god , we ca n't shift that blame onto somebody else then also consider not just the cost that Naomi had to pay in going back , but also there was a cost for Auper and for Ruth as well as Moabias there would be little joy for them in Israel , they were foreigners , they were strangers , there would n't be much hope for happiness for them , there would be very little likeliness for them ever getting married in or remarrying er in , in Israel , they would n't be able to worship there own god , they 'd be taken from one culture to another , there 'd be taken from one language to another , what was it gon na be like for them , alright , perhaps whilst they were living with Naomi perhaps she could pull a few strings for them , but what happens when she goes and they are left by themselves and yet it would appear that with Naomi making her decision to return that they too these two daughters in law they decided to go to Bethlehem with her and it tells us that they set out together but perhaps they had n't thought it really through because their not totally committed to us and as they come towards the frontier and their gon na pass into in , back into Judah with their few miserable possessions that they 've gathered together , Naomi again considers the consequences facing these two young women , Auper and Ruth , they continued with her , as she pleads with them to go back home , Judah is no place for a foreigner , Judah is no place for somebody to come unless they are part of gods people , and I 'm reminded of again of what it tells me in , in the book of acts , that in the early church , that people were actually frightened , frightened to join with the disciples , they were frightened to join the church , there was no room for , for stragglers , there was no room for hangers on , there was no room for those who went just because they thought it was gon na be the next , the in thing to do , but folk were actually frightened of joining because they knew they had to put their lives right , they knew they had to live holy lives , they knew that god had to be lord and master in their lives and unless they were willing to do that and be committed to him they were actually frightened of joining and one of the great weaknesses of the church today is that it becomes and it can becoming our thinking and nothing more than just something we join , something we belong to , something we go along to er as like a club , like an association , but that 's not the picture we see it in the New Testament , it is a very exclusive body , it is a very exclusive grouping , a grouping of those who have committed themselves to Jesus Christ and that 's why not every body is a member of the local church , not every body who goes to church on a Sunday is a member of a church to Jesus Christ now they know if they are , but other people may not know , they know and the lord knows , I know if I belong to him and he knows if I belong to him other people may not , I can put on the act , I can look as though I 'm playing the part , I can go through the routine , I can , I can , I can fool every body , but he knows and I know , and he knows and you know and so Jesus said not every body who says lord , lord on that day will I acknowledge and recognize and so for Ruth and Nao er yes Ruth and Auper it was gon na be different of course for them as foreigners in Judah especially when Naomi goes and she pleads with them go back home , Judah is not place for Moabias , she knew what it had been like to be a foreigner , she knew what it had been like to be an alien land in an alien culture in a different religion with a different language she had known the bitterness of it all , she pleads with them go back home she prayers for them the lord bless you , the lord you know be gracious to you and so on , but they refused and again Naomi puts it to them , to please go back and Auper reconsiders and she takes the counsel and advice of her mother in law but no so Ruth and Naomi turns and says look your sister in law 's gone back , she 's gone home , you go as well , you ca n't do it , its a too greater price for you to pay , its a choice you must n't make , a decision you must n't make , your gon na have poverty , your gon na have loneliness , your gon na have hardship .
55 A common theme emerging from much of the second tradition of cross-national research is that it becomes possible to examine the complex ways in which national industrial relations variations are bound up with wider processes of political and economic development , particularly the phasing of industrial development ( as in Dore 's work ) , the nature of the state and underlying class relations .
56 The problem is that it gets out of hand .
57 The great advantage of this approach is that it gets away from picking out odd texts from the bible to ‘ prove ’ one thing or another and asks after the underlying message .
58 The worrying aspect is that it gets worse each year . ’
59 The sadness of what is in effect the breakup of the comprehensive system is that it occurs at the point when the system was reaching a confidence and maturity which demonstrated that it could meet the demands of the late twentieth century .
60 The importance of the PPR is that it occurs at a time when the numbers of new susceptible hosts are increasing and so ensures the survival and propagation of the worm species .
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