Example sentences of "[vb infin] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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1 It is natural to walk or run them and anyone who has done this will know that it becomes more of a rhythmic dance when perfectly attuned .
2 She did not know that it had been spiked with tranquillisers until she woke up some time later .
3 How would it know that it had to lose weight ?
4 ( 21 ) John has two PhDs +> I believe he has , and have adequate evidence that he has ( 22 ) Does your farm contain 400 acres ? +> I do n't know that it does , and I want to know if it does The first of these provides an explanation for " Moore 's paradox " , namely the unacceptability of utterances like ( 23 ) : ( 23 ) ? ?
5 This insurance arrangement is very rarely used by practitioners , but readers should know that it does exist , and might provide some help to a buyer who is basically raising 100% of the price from the mortgage company .
6 One essay may have both first-class and abysmal features and yet be graded neither A nor F ; instead it may get a C which fails altogether in letting us know that it differs from another essay graded C which is consistently of that quality in all its parts .
7 The hon. Gentleman must also know that it depends how one selects one 's facts and which surveys one looks at .
8 Do you know that it took all my self-control not to throttle that dim-witted boy ? ’
9 Some of us though , working at the ground , grass roots ma may not know that it goes on , and er , I would just like to take this opportunity of stressing how important it is to , that we communicate within the United Kingdom , and er , support Nigel 's er , suggestion that it would be useful to have a base down here .
10 ( 3 ) If the party tendering the document did what was reasonably sufficient to give the other party notice of the conditions , and if the other party knew that there was writing or printing on the document , but did not know that it contained conditions , then the conditions will become the terms of the contract between them .
11 However , I do know that it features a new , wider stance and a longer body than the present model along with wider wheel-arches and new wheels and grille .
12 It will soon give a ‘ bleep ’ to let you know that it has added another con to your growing pile , another contribution to that bulging pocket that will soon hold your double helping of pocketmoney …
13 Mr. Bill Walker : The Hon. Gentleman must have studied what has happened in the company referred to , so he will know that it has used the assets to buy new buses .
14 How this name originated I have no idea , but I do know that it has been around for many generations for a jingle about this name has come down from the 19th century and it went : " Old Cribb , Young Cribb and Young Cribbs Son , if it had n't a been for Old Cribb there would n't have been none " .
15 But many people do n't know that it has also provided many of the big back-room names in the pop business too .
16 That tone is your successful switching tone , you will get that with most of the facilities that you put on the system , just to let you know that it 's worked alright .
17 Such a sentence as ‘ He feels sad ’ would be unintelligible without assimilation to my own feelings ; and although ‘ He is sad ’ is interpretable as a dispositional statement about behaviour , in the manner worked out in Ryle 's Concept of mind , someone who did not know that it entails ‘ He feels sad ’ could not be said fully to understand it .
18 Before opting , the landlord should know that it covers the whole land and buildings within its curtilage , buildings linked internally or by covered walkways , parades , precincts and other complexes divided into separate units ( Sch 6A , para 3(3) and ( 5 ) ) .
19 I do n't know that it matters . ’
20 I generally do , I do n't know that it matters
21 Yeah because if I work it out I 'll just know that i it made so and so but I wo n't know that it gave off that I 'll just remember that it made like zinc chloride or something I wo n't remember
22 ‘ Can a man be punished for breaking a law if he does not know that it exists ? ’
23 Its growth was to cause a storm of protest in the next century from archbishops less inclined to travel than Sigeric ; but we need not doubt that it arose because Sigeric and his like were delighted to have an excuse to go on pilgrimage , and the diary he has left of his movements dwells especially on the many churches in Rome worth a pilgrim 's attention .
24 Those who subscribe to this view would disagree with the proposal of the FRED that where a warrant lapses unexercised the amount previously recognised should be reported in the statement of total recognised gains and losses , since they do not consider that it represents a gain to the company .
25 Although this questionnaire was based upon insights from case studies of self-evaluation in Solihull secondary schools , it was of course inevitable that some Solihull teachers might not consider that it asked what were , for them , the most pertinent questions .
26 But if an incident has occurred involving violence or which leads to a soured atmosphere at work , management may consider that it has little option but to take action .
27 I do not consider that it has been shown that she exercised her discretion inappropriately or wrongly .
28 Boswell certainly did not consider that it merited more than a brief mention , and was in no way put out by it .
29 The family must demonstrate that it has the capacity to work with its conscious or unconscious feelings of threat from blacks .
30 Any examination of the history of ‘ history , will demonstrate that it has never had the immediate certainty that is implied in the all too frequent invocation of , concrete history ’ .
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