Example sentences of "[vb infin] [conj] it [verb] " in BNC.

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31 The Company can now demonstrate that it has systems in place that enable us to provide a high quality service .
32 The Home Office says that it already pays fifty one percent of the cost of policing the royals , but if the county council can adequately demonstrate that it needs more then funds are available .
33 Attempting to copy a decorative technique can confirm or disprove that it produces the same appearance and microstructure observed on the original item .
34 I have already expressed the view that the scarcity of references in the books to the prerogative of keeping the peace within the realm does not disprove that it exists .
35 Like other members of its family , the weed contains a powerful toxin , caelerphenyn , but scientists do not yet know if it poses a danger to human health .
36 It could be like the mysterious caller on the telephone to Mr Wallace requesting the visit to Qualtrough Avenue : you just did not know if it existed at all .
37 Extensive stretches of the walls of his nave have been traced on each side of the existing nave , although we do not yet know if it had an aisle along each flank .
38 I do n't know if it shuts at five o'clock or what they do or if evening staff come on ?
39 No that was that was the Friday and as it says th well I do n't know if it says there or not , but they said what would happen , they 'd think about it over the weekend and they 'd contact me the Monday afternoon erm to make a final decision .
40 I do n't know if it tells you how much this production cost but I know it said something about , oh the one thing
41 You do n't know if it does i is X is X times Y always the same as Y times X ?
42 Erm I do n't know if it does erm but it does .
43 We 're out there riding as hard as we can and if that gives any of the supporters any sort of er consolation , I do n't know if it does or not , but it — we 're really giving our best all the time and er win , lose or draw you 'll always find us every time we 've got a doing our best and er although often some people might shout and scream and give us a hard time , er it 's not for , for lack of trying , I mean nobody wants to finish last and er me even more than most , so just get behind us and shout and scream and we 'll try our hardest .
44 Gourlay agreed : ‘ There 's no doubt I did n't play well after that opening set — I do n't know if it upset me — I suppose subconsciously it must have . ’
45 If it can not be audited , you 'll never know if it works .
46 We do n't know if it works .
47 ‘ Look , we do n't know if it 's got anything to do with the drink . ’
48 I 'd like to ask something , I do n't know if it 's got anything to do with it or not , but it really annoyed me yesterday .
49 ‘ I do n't know if it 's got that far … anyway , she suggested I might like to bring someone . ’
50 I do n't know if it 's progressed into the villages .
51 How would you know if it 's finished one side ?
52 I have ju I do n't know if it 's got any water in , I have only just boiled it .
53 So I do n't , I do n't know if it 's attached or anything , I do n't know .
54 Or even even , if they show you a receipt , you do n't know if it 's stolen or not .
55 He do n't know if it means with or without him .
56 erm I ca n't roll them off and I do n't know if it applies in all of them , but it happened to me in Italy that erm I was fined on the spot .
57 I do n't know if it makes any difference , but it was n't planned .
58 Dad said I should wait until it stopped snowing so hard , so I watched from the window , and before very long it did ease and I was sent down the cellar for the fuel .
59 Do n't wait until it has been completed .
60 Pyramid says it is happy enough with the specifications for MIPS ' next-generation R5000 and R10000 but says it 'll wait until it sees the things before it believes the projections .
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