Example sentences of "[that] [pers pn] know [pron] " in BNC.

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1 And she thought , a little aggrieved : I do think Clelia might have told me , how could she assume that I knew her mother 's maiden name ?
2 I told her at once that I knew her secret , and made her promise not to send or receive any more letters .
3 It was only later that I dared to approach the nurse who did the dispensing and whisper in her ear that I knew nothing of Bach Remedies and would she please enlighten me .
4 You wo n't accept that I knew nothing about the drugs , yet you want my word ?
5 You refuse to accept that I knew nothing about the drugs .
6 The difference between the way we saw life as young people — especially the amoral attitude to sex — and the conventional way of portraying it on screen was so great that I knew we were on the verge of a big change .
7 Though it has to be said , he wrote , and Goldberg , his eye racing down the page covered in his friend 's tiny handwriting , paused to sip from the glass of fresh orange-juice at his side , wiped his forehead and went on typing , it has to be said that I have occasionally had the illusion that I knew what step to take first and even , occasionally , what step to take second , I will not talk about a third .
8 The difference is that I knew what I wanted and he did not .
9 I fancied that I knew what he was thinking ; much like what Jack would have thought .
10 With things like art nouveau and Edwardian furniture , when David started buying them , I went and got books to get my act together in order that I knew what he was into , but with drugs , I did n't know , added to which David was very secretive and for a long time I was n't aware that he was having a problem , not necessarily from cocaine addiction , which everybody loves to tell you is not addictive , but it is in terms of the fact that you rely on feeling up to cope — you just become more and more paranoid .
11 ‘ I was shocked in the sense that I knew what inspectors could do , but I was n't worried because I thought they were just wasting their time . ’
12 Also , I believe I made it clear that I knew what I wanted from a partnership with a sponsor and was precise and convincing in my presentation .
13 Clearly it was I who should have spoken these words , but already I had a feeling that I knew what the brown paper and the ribbed cardboard concealed , and I was n't going to say a word until time or circumstance compelled me .
14 He must have seen from my face that I knew what he was talking about .
15 Well , everyone seemed to think that I knew what I was doing with a computer , so the shifts , the picket shifts were left up to me , any facts and figures needed , databases , addresses were left up to me .
16 The Guv'nor told me to ride Ile de Bourbon in the big race telling me that I knew what he could do and that win was the biggest of my career so far but I 'll always remember Lester who had finished nearly last padding disconsolately into the weighing room and asking me ‘ Did you know your horse had improved so much ’ .
17 I remember thinking that I knew what painting was about at last . ’
18 I had been on one of these camps before so I thought that I knew what to expect .
19 Well old was , was er absolute er you 'd never think anybody 'd would buy anything out of his shop , er my father went in for something once and he , and he said you can see them hanging up ca n't you , I mean er salesmanship was on unheard of as far as he was concerned they were there , why ask him if he 'd got any , but erm course you must remember I was only a little boy I mean I can remember all this , I took it all in but I would n't say that I knew them er I knew Miss , from the grocer 's shop she was a Sunday School teacher , and er the Sunday School used to be at Road School we used to have a Sunday School there and a Mr used to take this .
20 ‘ It was at that place I told you about that I knew him , ’ he said to Lili .
21 I always felt that Basil was a very shy , warm hearted man with a special sort of honesty and I am glad that I knew him .
22 I could see , as he sang , the years drop away — so that I knew him : the young and hopeful singer , all the best to come , a bottle no more than something to be cracked among friends .
23 ‘ I would have thought that I knew him fairly well , but in writing the lyrics I found depths I had never contemplated . ’
24 So thickly was the snow falling that I knew they could only just have been made , probably within the past five minutes .
25 We were expected to follow the lessons in our Bibles , with the result that I knew my way about the Bible very competently .
26 The fact that I knew it was wicked to expose my smooth bare slit gave me a feeling both of pleasure and of power , never vocalised .
27 I loved him so much that I knew it would be all right .
28 The laugh she gave was so dirty that I knew it was going to be all right .
29 It had been running through my thoughts so often that I knew it by heart , yet now I was suddenly afraid that I might do the wrong thing !
30 ‘ Yes , not that I knew it at the time , of course , else I 'd never have gone . ’
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