Example sentences of "[that] [pers pn] know [pron] " in BNC.

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31 I think that the real reason that I wanted to do Total recall was that I knew it might make me famous which then might help me get better parts .
32 I would have to bite back my angry words — that better men than he had driven the jeep but that I knew he would share their fate .
33 Not that I bore him any personal ill-will ; it was simply that I knew he could n't stay .
34 And do lots of things that I knew he was capable of doing .
35 Not that I wish to say , he wrote , that everything is inevitable , on the contrary , I wish to assert emphatically that nothing is inevitable and nothing was inevitable , neither what I did nor what I thought , neither what I felt nor what I suffered , yet everything was necessary , a necessary beginning and necessary Harsnet ( typed Goldberg ) is misleading , since it was only after I had begun that I knew I had begun , while before I had begun , before the 27 July 1967 , there was no beginning , as there was no end , there was no time and there was no freedom from time , only endless cups of coffee , endless cups of tea , endless biscuits and endless bacon sandwiches .
36 You , who wanted me to enter you on the same night , with the same sound still in my head , a sound that I knew I had somehow , somewhere , heard before .
37 Also , my brother was such a good trumpet player that I knew I would never be as good as he was , so there was that in there too : like , ‘ God , I do n't really want follow in this guy 's footsteps . ' ’
38 I was shaken by its totality , its danger — here was a being that I knew I would die for without hesitation .
39 It looked like half a letter T. The needle was so bent that I knew I knew that I would not be able to remove it in the usual way , so I took my heavy pliers ( the ones with which I behead the Passap/Pfaff needles when they got damaged ) and cut off the top of the needle , below the bend .
40 That was n't the case with me , I just wanted the opportunity to do something that I knew I could do .
41 So I just went I knew I did the only thing that I knew I could do .
42 It was n't until the party that I knew I could n't pretend to myself any longer .
43 " I had chest pains so bad that I knew I would be unable to give 100 per cent . "
44 It was so clear that I knew I 'd been blind .
45 It was then that I knew I could have a fight on my hands : If the manager sided with him and asked me to move a few feet away then I 'd have no choice but to join in the squabble .
46 my pain is that I knew you
47 ‘ Why have I always felt that I knew you before ? ’
48 And to think , ’ I say , brushing mud from a faraway marsh off my boots , ‘ that I knew you when your idea of power-dressing was a tool-belt round your hips . ’
49 ‘ In those Go-away times that I knew you had I should have guessed you needed help . ’
50 So then I decided I would like to be that I knew there was a job going on the electricians , so I thought well I 'll I 'll go in for the electrical side .
51 In fact I was sure that I knew who it was , and I thought Mala must be too .
52 If you 'd known at the beginning that I knew your parents you would n't have even given me the time of day .
53 Not that I knew anything about the area of course .
54 I hoped that by knocking-off time I 'd be able to say that I knew someone who had finished it .
55 You know , that I know something you do n't sort of look . ’
56 So did his explanatory remark that he had written it ‘ to show that I know something about birds ’ .
57 It is n't the first time you 've implied that I know something about what 's going on , so how about explaining it to me ? ’
58 But it remains essential that I know their candidates ' attitudes before deciding .
59 Now that I know what is happening in my Discipleship Training School ( DTS ) here in Bolivia , I will try and let you know as well .
60 And I find it hard to believe , because first of all you have to understand the word ‘ intelligent ’ in the way he meant it and I 'm not sure that I know what he meant ; and there are any number of ways of being intelligent .
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