Example sentences of "[that] [pron] [be] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 The computer keyboard also has its own memory and if the computer is busy doing something else or you type too fast , the last sequence of keystrokes ( usually 16 ) is remembered so that nothing is lost .
2 This chamber looks in some ways similar to the alchemical laboratory ( location 72 ) save that nothing is broken here , it 's simply very dusty and cobwebbed .
3 Note , too , that nothing is said within such analyses about forms of middle-class racism — the discussion pivots around a simple polarization between a ‘ ruling ’ and ‘ working ’ class .
4 Reliance is placed upon the statutory duty of the Independent Broadcasting Authority to ensure that nothing is transmitted on the commercial airwaves which is in bad taste or is likely to prove offensive to public feeling .
5 Unless entry into partnership between firms is actually intended , steps should be taken to ensure that nothing is done which would create such relationship .
6 Check that nothing is getting hot .
7 It is quite clear that nothing is missing from the other end of the Interludium as it was copied on to this vellum : the vellum had already been cut to its surviving top edge by the time the Interludium came to be written on to it .
8 ‘ Well , now that we 've decided that nothing is going to happen tonight that does n't happen every Saturday night in Pepe 's Bar , tell me — why on earth can you even think for a second that Miguel is falling for me ? ’
9 The Boffins take care of him when Betty goes away , and disguised as a dustman , he keeps an eye on Wegg whilst Boffin 's mounds are cleared to see that nothing is stolen .
10 You get the feeling that nothing is left to chance .
11 Check that the bridge fits snugly back into place and that nothing is preventing it from seating properly ; small gaps at either end of the bridge are common , but the glue will fill these .
12 Mr George Ryde , TGWU national secretary for civil aviation , said : ‘ Our members are involved in almost every aspect of airport work , and they tell a different story to the public relations myth that nothing is spared in providing passengers with maximum security .
13 A feeling of loneliness is connected with a feeling that nothing is happening :
14 After the answers that I have given , I do not know how anyone can say that nothing is happening on the matter .
15 Otaka ensures that nothing is allowed to detract from the overview , yet he allows his orchestra sufficient freedom to shape phrases affectionately without every suffocating them .
16 In this atmosphere , it was understandable that commercial television should be placed under the close scrutiny of a licensing body , empowered by what is now s4(1) of the Broadcasting Act 1981 to ensure : ( a ) that nothing is included in the programmes which offends against good taste or decency or is likely to encourage or incite to crime or to lead to disorder or to be offensive to public feeling … ( b ) that due impartiality is preserved on the part of persons providing the programmes as respects matters of political or industrial controversy or relating to current public policy .
17 Either the magistrate refuses bail and says , effectively , that the court orders that the weekly equivalent of £20,000 a year is spent on the offender until his case is heard , or the court grants bail and orders that nothing is spent on the offender until the case is heard .
18 Seeing that nothing 's drowned in the pool recently . ’
19 The establishment of a National Curriculum has certainly been a major historical movement , but it is not the case that nothing was defined prior to 1988 and now everything is defined .
20 Lilley stated that nothing was ruled out in his review .
21 However , the eddy in the pool meant that nothing was lost .
22 Jackson did promise some attention to the matter but it seems that nothing was granted .
23 The fact is that nothing was done about the matter , and the goats were released from farm isolation by the ministry with subsequent disastrous results for me and for others .
24 He had a poor opinion of the utility of book-learning to the Masai , and it was no doubt in part due to his influence that nothing was done in Tanganyika to bring education to them till the 1930s , whereas the first government school was opened in Kenya Masailand in 1921 .
25 A colleague of Dr Maden 's is quoted as saying that nothing was done because ‘ nothing really terrible had happened …
26 Luckily the weather was so awful that nothing was flying , so there was only routine work to attend to .
27 Perversely , a settlement which is seen as having been the subject of more bitter dispute may persuade voters that nothing was given away too lightly .
28 At the junction with the road she braked just long enough to see that nothing was coming then turned right and careered wildly down the long hill into the village .
29 It was enough to daunt most people , but she once told me that the only thing that dismayed her was sorting out their incredible mass of luggage , making sure that the right things went by the right route and that nothing was left behind .
30 The trees were rustling silver in the moonlight and the garden , as always , waved its grass nonchalantly , trying to suggest that nothing was going on .
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