Example sentences of "[that] [pron] [be] [verb] " in BNC.

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31 But after a week of total failure to concentrate for more than a minute he had to acknowledge to himself that nothing was going right .
32 Persuading her that nothing was going on could turn out to be a Herculean task .
33 Kalm noted that the spent tan was afterwards spread in the garden as manure and that nothing was laid On pots in the summer , compared with Moscow where he had seen sawdust used to keep them moist .
34 But few of their efforts in the field of development were blessed with success , and this contributed to the erroneous impression that nothing was attempted .
35 This does not mean that nothing was bought and sold in the independent sector , still less that the agricultural producers in it were self-sufficient , though it is probable that a rather high proportion of peasant agriculture was consumed on the peasant holding , or within the narrow limits of a local system of exchange , if only because the food demands of the small cities in so many areas could be supplied from within a radius of little more than one or two dozen miles .
36 When I helped him into bed he said , with some echo of his old authority , that nothing was to change while he was here ; that I was to go on with my work ; that he would teach me to play chess at last ; that he was absolutely thrilled to be out of hospital , and it would be a positive delight to look after himself .
37 The answer is not difficult , if we remember that each meeting of the Assembly was different in composition from all others ; personal oratory and ascendancy , not party organization , decided the issues , and that is why the absence of Kimon mattered so much : he would have given his usual speech on the ‘ special relationship ’ with Sparta , urging that nothing be done to the Athenian constitution to which oligarchic Sparta would take mortal offence .
38 It is not necessary that Traditions and Ceremonies be in all places one , and utterly like ; for at all times they have been divers , and may be changed according to the diversities of countries , times , and men 's manners , so that nothing be ordained against God 's Word .
39 I just thought that them being owned by Simon Cawthorne would … ’
40 Suffice it to say , without getting into the tortured complexities of the US budget process , that everyone is fiddling with the numbers .
41 If your wedding guests are not seated in a reception hall but milling around a hotel or house your problem is to ensure that everyone is gathered in the right place at the right time to hear the speeches .
42 Reaction to the latest rise makes it clear that everyone is watching out for another eruption of internal discord on the exchange rate between Sir Alan Walters in Downing Street , and Mr Lawson in the Treasury .
43 Co-ordinator — making sure that objectives are clear and that everyone is involved and committed .
44 It is essential that everyone is kept informed about what is involved and just how the new system will impact upon them .
45 The fact that everyone is writing us off does n't bother us .
46 ‘ We 've discussed all the possibilities so that everyone is covered , ’ says Enya .
47 Above all I want to ensure that everyone is given the chance to play a full part in shaping a Britain noted throughout the world for its stability , prosperity and harmony .
48 It is evident , too , that everyone is doing this at a time when thoughts of recession could easily exclude any charitable action .
49 One consequence of this immobility is that everyone is surrounded by people very like himself , most of whom he has always known .
50 At first , we thought everyone else was booming while we were down in the dumps , but from talking to other businessmen you realise that everyone is suffering the same . ’
51 My complaint about reviews so far is that everyone is reviewing the man Larkin and not the biography of him .
52 School makes me nervous ; when I walk down the corridor I feel that everyone is staring at me , and because a lot of people know about my anorexia they think it their job to comment constantly on what I am eating or not eating , and how much better I look now that I 've put on weight .
53 The use of words also helps to bring across the message of the poem with words such as ‘ futility ’ and ‘ fatuous ’ giving the distinct impression that Wilfred Owen has almost given up everything that he once believed in because he feels that everyone is going to kill each other anyway .
54 When our group raised the issues of travellers with one of the DHSS offices here we were told that everyone is allowed two weeks holidays every year .
55 Well I do n't think it is because you 're again you 're back to the line that everyone is bullying and I do n't believe that everyone is bullying .
56 ‘ Forgive me , ’ Alexandra said , feeling a recurring surge of the courage that had invaded her at Langley Dene , ‘ but I think — with respect , I think that everyone is making too much of my meeting Mr Swinton .
57 We get people on the programme singing and dancing so badly it 's painful , but they come back the next week and tell us that everyone 's stopping them in the streets to congratulate them , not slag them off . ’
58 Well a word about next Friday 's match then , that 's the big one , the one that everyone 's waiting for against Kings Lynn .
59 A series of complex and powerful planetary influences suggest that everyone 's gunning for you this month .
60 ’ I like the laugh that everyone 's having .
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