Example sentences of "[adj] for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 The figures which I have given , I hope , add up to a total for new accommodation of seventy one thousand , one hundred and fifty two pounds .
2 Thus , we can add the joint income of husband and wife to obtain a total for that unit , whatever we choose to call it , whereas we can not sensibly add their separate statuses to achieve a joint status for both of them unless we know a great deal more about how status is a distributive phenomenon and what its properties are .
3 The picture in Grampian region is even more pronounced with exports to the European Community accounting for 65% , and those to EFTA accounting for more than 10% of the total , giving a total for Western Europe of 75% .
4 However , the departmental system of budgeting contains no mechanism to identify those individual parts , nor any mechanism to bring them together to give a total for orthopaedic surgery .
5 While smaller churches may be able to count every week , this may prove impractical for large churches , especially with more than one exit , without some fairly elaborate means of arriving at a total for each service .
6 The more variable strata will therefore be more intensively sampled , leading to estimates of the population mean or total for this variable that are ‘ optimal ’ in the sense of having smallest possible variance .
7 So if in A one to A four , you got the numbers one hundred thousand , that 'll use sixteen bytes for the block , plus four times eight forty eight a total for this cells .
8 The great man himself is now 95 and too frail for any involvement .
9 Read Cole , speculating on the possibility of a revival , after the Second World War , of Producer Co-operation : That is an authoritative pronouncement of the view , prevailing for many decades , of the Consumer 's Movement 's attitude towards Producer Co-operation : the rival doctrine , not quite anathema , but something very like .
10 Consider life expectancy , a measure indicating the number of years a newborn infant could typically be expected to live if patterns of mortality prevailing for all people in the year of its birth were to stay the same throughout its life .
11 Bearing in mind prices prevailing for completed developments within the LDDC , developers and construction companies have gained enormous profits .
12 Most advances are supposed to be short-term but in practice many are outstanding for long periods .
13 ‘ He has been outstanding for several weeks now — and he 's got real pace , which you ca n't find these days , never mind buy it .
14 ‘ A number of invitations have been outstanding for some time , and people just chose to take them up at this stage , ’ one said .
15 If rent remains outstanding for 21 days after the due date , forfeiture proceedings may be brought against a dilatory tenant by a strongwilled landlord .
16 Burying her face in Luke 's chest to hide her blushes , Perdita asked him if he knew the Spanish for Super Tampax , and if they could stop for some on the way .
17 Chameleon , for example , has been available in English , German , Danish , Portuguese and Spanish for some time , and has recently added Czech and Polish language versions .
18 It substituted Spanish for Austrian influence in southern Italy .
19 Blast is still going strong though , perhaps because its sound is too loud for wet fashion victims to handle .
20 Scotland 's only new acquisitions during the decade were twenty-one Class 318s , three-car versions of the Class 317 , to service the newly electrified Glasgow-Ayr/Largs routes , although 1989 also witnessed the first withdrawals proper ( apart from accident victims or asbestos units ) of the original Pressed Steel 1959 ‘ Blue Train' Class 303s , whose unrefurbished examples are due for early replacement by 100mph Class 321-type Class 320s .
21 For instance , if one of your customers is in financial trouble and he owes you money which is due in 20 days , you are much better off than if the debt does not fall due for 100 days .
22 ‘ … an ’ you 're due for Orderly Officer day after tomorrow .
23 But already operations on 35 patients due for orthopaedic surgery over the next two days have been cancelled , and more may follow .
24 ‘ He is due for immediate leave , I seem to remember . ’
25 The results of the simultaneous state and local elections in the neighbouring state of Hidalgo were not due for official release until Dec. 2 , but preliminary results indicated that the PRI had won 81 out of the 84 municipalities .
26 UN force due for Central America
27 We were due for better weather today which we 've had .
28 Also due for imminent release is the science fiction film Free Jack featuring Mick Jagger , and the Australian comedy Spotswood , starring Hopkins as a time and motion expert .
29 ROCKY ERICKSON is the subject of a tribute LP due for imminent release on Fire US .
30 ROCKY ERICKSON is the subject of a tribute LP due for imminent release on Fire US .
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