Example sentences of "[adj] for [adj] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 Relief will not be due for any payments made direct to children of the marriage or any previous marriage .
32 Then again , another election was not due for some time , the FDP remained loyal to the coalition and Brandt 's international reputation stood high .
33 Payment is due for these delays under the terms of the contract .
34 ‘ I lose count , ’ went on Robert , ‘ but I 've got the feeling we 're due for another bout of banging the forehead on the carpet . ’
35 Leicestershire .... 26 North Midlands .... 28 WITH the County Championship due for another facelift , this winter 's finishing order will have a new significance and judging by last night 's lively encounter at Welford Road , North Midlands are well up with the situation .
36 ‘ Her Ladyship 's started in labour , though she 's not due for another couple of weeks and there 's no time to get the doctor and nurse from Malton , by the look of things . ’
37 Mueller then turned to the American Managing Director in charge of the British Components ' Division , who was due for another assignment after nearly two years in the UK .
38 We are due for another service and it 's this month , the yearly service .
39 The students were not due for another month , though the streets and cloisters were crowded with tourists , who were outnumbered only by their cameras .
40 As we were not due for another lesson till the next day I was n't carrying them with me .
41 Yeah we 're about due for another flood .
42 Digital Equipment Corp Alpha and R , Hewlett-Packard Co Precision Architecture RISC and IBM Corp RS/6000 versions will follow , with an Santa Cruz Open Desktop version due for Open Desktop 3.0 later this year .
43 The record Jennifer refers to is called ‘ Above , Below And Beyond ’ and is due for British release soon .
44 At a meeting on the estate Darlington council housing officers explained that 37 houses and flats in Eggleston , Dryburgh and Fountains View are due for large scale revitalisation work costing £350,000 .
45 Those who had come by train had the same problem as the trains for the return journey were not due for several hours .
46 The MB86931 has claimed performance of 42 VAX MIPS and operates at 40MHz ; it is smaller and more cost-effective for higher speed working than the predecessor MB86930 , and useful as a controller for office automation and factory automation equipment .
47 They were ‘ overqualified and not cost-effective for small cases ’ .
48 Colchester had their second keeper Nathan Munsen sent-off for this challenge on Derek Hall …
49 Having led the world into polyester fibre and been highly profitable for many years , we lost the lead position due to a combination of circumstances .
50 They also found that the frequency and degree of mispricing declined as delivery approached and that , if a trading lag of ten minutes was incorporated , arbitrage remained profitable for all classes of arbitrageur .
51 That is what attracts investment from abroad and makes it profitable for domestic industry to invest as well .
52 Will he use this opportunity to ask British Steel to consider modernising the Dalzell plate mill in Motherwell rather than building an expensive new plate mill , which would be less profitable for British Steel ?
53 Given that the sale price of both types of coal is essentially the same , it is very profitable for British Coal to shift production towards opencast .
54 You were n't right for each other !
55 She knew perfectly well that she and Ludo were right for each other .
56 At the end of the training period , you can decide between you whether or not you 're right for each other .
57 They were n't right for each other and maybe a marriage would last a shorter time than a more informal , less intense liaison ; brief and bitter , both of them on proximity fuses with things coming rapidly to a crunch , rather than something more drawn out , where they might spend long periods apart and so forget how much they hated being together , and enjoy the fleeting , passionate moments of reunion …
58 All her previous doubts as to whether they were right for each other , whether she cared for him enough , had been answered by her reaction to Michele Lorenzo .
59 I 'm ten years older now , and in retrospect I see that if Francesca had lived we would n't have been right for each other . ’
60 ‘ When they 're right for each other a Gemini and a Sagittarian can have a wonderful , magical , lasting relationship .
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