Example sentences of "[noun sg] was just the " in BNC.

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1 At the next attempt , Odom excluded and when Cheshire had to take on the two Newcastle riders on his own , the result was just the same as in the initial race .
2 The club was just the right kind of venue for them to cut their professional teeth on , and she was glad to give them the opportunity .
3 Unfortunately , its effect was just the opposite .
4 That kind of farce was just the tip of the iceberg .
5 Indeed , if tennis was just the French Open , only the strong would take it up , and even then , many would n't survive .
6 The second half was just the same .
7 This may seem a minor disagreement , but if you were to question me about Panofsky , I would have to say that the disagreement was just the tip of the iceberg .
8 It had been a Church of Ireland rectory once , where some forgotten incumbent , a keen hunting man , had built a delightful little yard , adjoining the house and with every horsebox looking into the sun ; with a hundred acres of good limestone land , the place was just the thing for Andrew and his horse-dealing .
9 Her room was just the same .
10 The wall was just the right height for the dog to make a leap and bark into the ear of the passers by .
11 There were another three Jet Skis buzzing around on that part of the river and a few water-skiers with their big-engined speedboats , all creating a fair old racket , but we could still hear William laughing ; the guy thought buying a frighteningly expensive piece of machinery and spending most of your time falling off it into the water was just the most enormous wheeze .
12 In no time at all , the fire was blazing cheerfully , the curtains were drawn against the night , and Beth was pouring the water from the kettle into the bath ; a spill of cold water from the ewer , then another drop from the kettle , and the water was just the right temperature , the warm steam rising nicely and filling the room with a comfortable warm smell .
13 Area technical maintenance manager Pete Wootton , 32 , revealed that the wage drop was just the latest generous gesture in a long line of good turns .
14 With London , he says , the 15-man game was just the natural one to play when there were backs of the calibre of Harriman available .
15 No doubt the past was just the same to the people who lived in it as the present is to us .
16 Even at this distance , Sarella felt her spirits lift — to be pitched back into the hurly-burly of her previous life was just the tonic she needed .
17 He had to resign his seat.Then in the mid-80s , he found favour with Mrs. Thatcher , who felt his uncomplicated , cheer-leading brand of Conservatism and thrusting , go-getting style was just the ticket to rally the troops .
18 Their story-book lyrics and whiff of traditional English folk music was just the tonic we needed in the late '80s and Julianne Regan was a strong front woman .
19 Virgin 's application was just the bargaining chip the Americans had been looking for .
20 Sometimes , the sought-for object may be entirely predicted in advance , as with the ‘ discovery ’ of the planet Neptune in 1846 ( which in reality was just the astronomers ' confirmation of the mathematicians ' predictions ) .
21 She wanted a vibrant , natural colour and Schwarzkopf 's Igora Botanic Autumn Leaf shade was just the answer .
22 The last cup was just the same .
23 H is book was just the message that the English liberals were waiting for , now that they were disillusioned by Robespierre , frightened by Pitt 's attempts to repress ‘ sedition ’ , yet still unwilling to support the war with France .
24 Reminds you of the US Interstate Highway system and the way it instantly snarled as soon as Washington residents tried to exit en masse during the riots of the late 1960s , does n't it … that blizzard coming on top of the New York World Trade Center bombing was just the kind of disaster the disaster recovery industry has been dreading : according to the New York Times , a heavy accumulation of snow caused the roof of the computer centre in Clifton , New Jersey that supports 5,000 automatic teller machines US-wide , 6% of the total , to collapse , putting the machines out of action — and the centre could n't transfer its operations to the North Bergen , New Jersey site where it had disaster recovery facilities arranged — because the site was full up with work transferred by Trade Center tenants …
25 The Bren LMGs Mk I for the 8th Army were now no more than soap , toothpaste or toilet rolls , but the progression was just the same .
26 No we could n't say nothing because I mean that was a time when you had a good job then , unemployment was just the same in the nineteen thirties .
27 The goal was just the shock needed to get Town moving and they were back in the match just four minutes later … goal poacher Steve White who scored a hat-trick last saturday was there again to make it one all …
28 The goal was just the shock needed to get Town moving and they were back in the match just four minutes later … goal poacher Steve White who scored a hat-trick last saturday was there again to make it one all …
29 Wright 's magnificent second goal was just the icing on the cake before a near 30,000 crowd , and proves that they will certainly be in with a shout when the title race really hots up .
30 Breast cancer was just the tip of the iceberg .
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