Example sentences of "[noun sg] was just the " in BNC.

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31 He had studied the snatched photos of their Jeeps and Land-Rovers , their NATO uniforms , that proved their wartime mission was just the same as the SAS 's .
32 A few hours in Richard 's company was just the antidote she needed to Luke 's volatility .
33 The News International ban was just the type of dispute that must have been envisaged when the Code was drawn up .
34 For this opening chorus was just the overture .
35 ‘ That radioactive storm was just the beginning .
36 On the other hand , there were friends who thought that the Shaffer play was just the sort of thing that Kenneth Williams needed to do .
37 Fears that Hamilton 's prospecting was just the thin end of the wedge were confirmed when the Government announced that many other sensitive blocks of sea bed around the Welsh coastline were being considered for licensing under its 14th Oil/Gas Round .
38 The house was just the right size for us ; downstairs , an entrance hall , four rooms , a kitchen and a servants hall ; upstairs , six bedrooms and an attic .
39 By contrast with both of these other planets , the Earth was just the right distance from the Sun .
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