Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] is [verb] " in BNC.

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No Sentence
1 If you own or lease property where no-one is living you may have to pay a standard community charge in that area in addition to the personal charge in the area you live .
2 That way little or nothing is revealed .
3 Modern beliefs , one might think , ought to be in the rationalist mould of the Enlightenment , but little or nothing is taught about the psychology of consciousness in schools , except in terms of religious studies .
4 In medical schools a great deal is taught about the medical and other consequences of high alcohol consumption but little or nothing is taught about alcoholism , the addictive disease .
5 If ‘ story ’ suggests a narrative sequence towards which Double Or Nothing is gesturing , Federman it the same time questions each fictional possibility so thoroughly that the only reliable sequence becomes the narrative voice which is constantly shifting in person and tone .
6 In the old language andegari meant hawthorn , and a bush of that type probably at one time marked the external borders of the city of Mediolanum , although little or nothing is known of that first town .
7 At present little or nothing is known about these patients .
8 Where nothing is written it takes time to create a document which is genuinely useful to many of us , both as a verification of our struggle and a signpost to future strategies for our art work .
9 A city ‘ where nothing is wasted , costly and luxurious city though it be , but where wonderful human ants creep out of holes , and pick up every scrap ’ , OMF i 12 .
10 The second reason given seems a little odd at first : a specific list of prohibited practices can only increase the degree of uncertainty for firms compared to the current arrangements , where nothing is specified .
11 ‘ Have you ever thought why it gets dark each evening ? ’ asks Phil one day , as they leave one coffee bar where nothing is happening , and walk to another , to find out if anything is happening there .
12 ( b ) The pressures on the police may be such that they will try to avoid keeping records especially where nothing is found or they feel that no request for a copy of the record will be made .
13 Figure 2.2 reflects an organisation without a strict hierarchy where everyone is working quite independently .
14 After all in an age where everyone is becoming more environmentally aware , perhaps it is only fitting that even artists are getting into recycling .
15 Client agrees with KPMG ( for itself and on trust and as agent for the others mentioned below ) fully to indemnify and to hold harmless KPMG , its partners , employees , its lawyers , [ Stephenson Harwood ] , any Approved Broker and ( subject to Client 's prior consent to their engagement ) any other advisers , agents and consultants retained by KPMG in connection with the Offer ( any and all of which or whom is referred to as an ‘ Indemnified Person ’ ) from and against any and all losses , claims , costs , damages , actions , proceedings , demands , liabilities and expenses whatsoever , joint or several , ( collectively ‘ claims ’ ) which any such Indemnified Person may suffer or incur and which relate to or arise from , directly or indirectly , KPMG 's engagement hereunder and/or the provision by KPMG of its services in connection with the Offer .
16 There appear to be no special forms or procedures which are required to be adopted in the county court where someone is found guilty of contempt in the face of the court and committed to prison under section 118 of the County Courts Act 1984 , although no doubt , if such an event were to occur , the court would follow the general approach required by Ord. 29 , r.1(5) of the County Court Rules 1981 ( as amended ) which applies in the case of committal for breach of injunctions .
17 Erm you must have heard of the phrases of poncing , where somebody is operating a prostitute and if they do n't get a required amount of money a week or er er an amount of money where they consider it sufficient , they 'll probably go and beat them up or something like that .
18 No company which is fully owned by non-residents or which is controlled by non-residents is allowed to acquire a controlling interest in any other joint stock company .
19 7.1 Each of the Parties agrees during the term of this Agreement not to participate in any project which competes with the Project or which is designed to fulfil the same or similar objects .
20 It is common for the articles of association of a company that is a management buy-out vehicle , a joint venture company , or which is owned by multiple shareholders to provide that the sale of the assets and undertaking of the company requires the consent of specified individuals .
21 Ivy better : Coronation Street actress Lynne Perrie , who plays Ivy Brennan , was said to be ‘ slightly improved ’ today in hospital where she is undergoing tests following her collapse on the set of the series three days ago .
22 TRACY THOMPSON is a graduate of the Royal College of Art who is now based at Queen 's College , Oxford , where she is writing a dissertation on her experiences during two and a half years living in the Yemen .
23 He is in his third year at sea when the misjudgment of Captain ‘ Battler ’ Cobb , reckless with drink and determined to win the grain race , runs the ship into a typhoon in the South Pacific , where she is dismasted and the Captain is seriously injured .
24 Consider the response of a five-and-a-half-year-old girl in a Yorkshire infant school where she is asked to say how two pictures are different from each other .
25 ‘ She spent the night in intensive care after the operation , and then was moved to a private room where she is recovering . ’
26 She has been seconded to the Civil Service Selection Board , where she is helping to devise the entrance competition for the ‘ fast stream ’ applicants to the Civil Service , Diplomatic Service and Tax Inspectorate .
27 Among the nominees attending the lunch , as recognition of their achievements , was Montgomeryshire nurse Sue Blower , who had returned specially from her work as a nurse tutor in Bucharest , Romania , where she is helping to set up that country 's first school of nursing for 40 years .
28 She now attends a drop-in centre which has a crèche and where she is learning to cope with stress .
29 After the Dorrits come into their fortune Mr Plornish is found ‘ a small share in a small builder 's business ’ , and Mrs Plornish is established ‘ in the small grocery and general trade in a snug little shop at the crack end of the Yard ’ , where she is joined by her poor father , Old Nandy , to whom she is devoted , and assisted by Maggy .
30 When I 'm in the kitchen she calls to me from the sitting room , where she is sewing .
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