Example sentences of "[conj] [pron] is [verb] " in BNC.

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31 Mrs Barzach will have a much more difficult time retaining her seat in the 15th arrondissement of Paris , which she has represented for only the past three years and where she is standing against the well-established local RPR mayor ( and deputy mayor of the capital ) .
32 If you find it difficult to understand some of the feelings she expresses , you have to realise that she has reached a stage in life 's journey of which , as yet , you know nothing at all , and until you stand where she is standing now you are in no position to pass any judgement on her attitudes .
33 Ms Davidson , a Darlington artist , is based at Woodham Comprehensive where she is running a photography project for pupils .
34 Rosamund Cresswell attends Farnborough Hill Convent College where she is studying for the GCSE examinations and in September she moves to the Sixth Form at Wellington College .
35 Scouting takes up much of Sarah 's spare time but she still squeezes in regular visits to Huddersfield Technical College where she is studying for two ‘ A ’ levels — geography and business studies .
36 Mrs X is at present attending a college where she is studying science , and desperately wishes to take up embalming as a career , but unfortunately this is where the problem begins .
37 Those eyes , sombre and steady yet lacking in curiosity , comfort her ; they seem to know her , who she is , where she is going .
38 And a wife has no other relationship where she is told to submit in everything as the church submits to Christ .
39 Describing herself as something of a ‘ social victim ’ , she has temporarily torn herself away from urban distractions in favour of time and space at a ‘ country abode ’ , where she is working on material for a second album , due in November .
40 Rosemarie Ford is also superfit as she dashes regularly between London and Bristol , where she is starring as Grizabella in ‘ Cats ’ .
41 But , at the end of the day , it is still down to the individual to make sure that he or she is getting the best deal possible .
42 For the advertiser who is concerned as to whether he or she is getting a good deal from an agency or media specialist , companies such as Media Audits provide a service that compares the buying performance of different advertisers and their agencies in similar markets and media .
43 you 're visiting a War or MOD Disablement Pensioner who is being treated for the disablement he or she is getting the pension for or
44 It can also help us to identify why a student is not achieving the stylistic effect he or she is seeking .
45 This will not materially affect the buyer unless he or she is seeking to continue with the unauthorised use .
46 that the candidate knows which outcomes or units are included in any assessment he or she is undertaking .
47 Usually , when a person is asked to provide a report he or she is given a brief which provides the terms of reference .
48 These assumptions will be detrimental to the black child if he or she is seen as being rescued from a life of misery .
49 Since a Prime Minister without a majority in the Commons is an impossibility , he or she is seen as in a position to make any law he or she sees as fit .
50 Other patients who have the same unconscious impulses to engage in oral sex — for example , an adult male or female who is married and dreams he or she is sucking a man 's penis and imbibing the semen — may deny the impulses .
51 If each novel a writer produces is meant to indicate the direction in which he or she is progressing , it does not provide the clear signpost that The Child In Time did .
52 Resorts to ridiculous tactics like sitting the interviewee on a small , armless chair opposite a window so that he or she is blinking in a stream of sunlight .
53 It is expensive in terms of paying the salary or the research grant of the researcher for this time , especially if he or she is engaged in no other work .
54 In terms of historical change , manual workers of both sexes work today almost as many hours each week as they did in the late 1930s and early 1940s ; this demonstrates the fact that , where available , overtime is a crucial necessity for the manual worker if he or she is to receive a wage at or above the ‘ average ’ for all manual occupations .
55 In fact , all a person would need to do in the middle of a Darkfall storm would be to remain calm , not touch anything — unless he or she is wearing gloves and wait for the effect to pass .
56 Every choreographer must have a motive if he or she is to give proper thought , impetus and significance to the movements made by the dancers whether : they are telling a story ; describing and/or expressing the thoughts behind a theme ; or interpreting music either by expressing personal feelings about the melody and rhythm or by so framing the dance that it parallels the music and reveals its structure .
57 When the honest shopper acts as I have just described , he or she is acting with the implied authority of the owner of the supermarket to take the goods from the shelf , put them in the trolley , take them to the checkpoint and there pay the correct price , at which moment the property in the goods will pass to the shopper for the first time .
58 He or she is supported by a Minister of State and two Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State .
59 Interaction between judges is probably more significant in the United States with the stable membership on the Supreme Court , but even in Britain the phenomenon of ‘ opinion deference ’ , whereby one or more judges defers to the opinion of another because he or she is acknowledged to be an expert or to have seniority , is not unknown .
60 It is important that the viewer is physically incorporated in the work , that he or she is implicated . ’
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