Example sentences of "[pron] is not that " in BNC.

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1 The charge which the historian must bring against him is not that he was vicious but that he was timid , selfish and worst of all lazy .
2 It is not that Mr. Keats ( if that be his real name , for we almost doubt that any man in his senses would put his real name to such a rhapsody ) ’ — wrote their Gifford of Keats ' Endymion .
3 It is not that policemen and women fail to achieve emotional detachment , even though one policeman once remarked that at postmortems he was appalled by the way pathologists treat the body simply as a lump of meat and fail to show respect ( FN 17/12/87 , p. 15 ) .
4 As the constable quoted above makes clear , it is not that all neighbourhood policemen defuse every situation by the display of patience , sympathy , tolerance , and understanding , it is more that this is their first choice and they use other recipes , by becoming ‘ heavy-handed ’ and resorting to arrests , only when this one fails .
5 It is not that he does n't care , just that his sense of values are different — not better , not worse , just different .
6 It is not that I wore sleeveless blouses they were always long sleeved and not Choli 's either but even then they disliked it .
7 It is not that he lies about them , rather that only a patient and omnivorous prospector would have found the particular treasures which he quotes .
8 It is not that I am in favour of it , it is what is happening .
9 It is not that the Canadians have deserted the railways , ’ says Roy Jamieson , their policy officer , ‘ the railways have deserted Canada . ’
10 It is not that one part of Solidarity supports the free-market experiment and another does n't .
11 Still , it is not that he wants biologists to give them more credit for maintaining the planet .
12 It is not that Pan Am minded a rival going under ; indeed , Pan Am may now be able to raise ticket prices on east-coast routes where Eastern had offered big discounts .
13 And it is not that she knows me to be bad or weak , or you either , but her conventional mind could not grasp that a thing so often impure , can be made absolutely and perfectly pure .
14 It is not that that he needs , but forgiveness .
15 It is not that they showed no mercy on the streets of Jericho .
16 It is not that I am heartless .
17 It is not that people should be righteous in the expectation of some reward but rather they should behave righteously because of an inherent desire to do so .
18 It is not that people need to change or be ‘ cured ’ ; it is that they need to pursue their thoughts to their logical conclusion and from there make decisions on the basis of what they have discovered about themselves .
19 It is not that the coin is of a fixed weight , since lumps of bullion can and often are produced to a specific weight standard .
20 It is not that it has a design stamped on it , since once again it is not difficult to find other examples of metalwork decorated in a similar way .
21 It is not that she 's a political animal , just someone who has seen a lot of beautiful places in the world ; feels very fortunate to be in such a privileged position because of her successful TV and recording career , and so wants to put a bit back into a world which has so far been very kind to her . ’
22 as if reading her thoughts , Mrs Browning then said , ‘ It is not that I am afraid of dying , you know .
23 It is not that most of the people of southern Ireland are supportive or even tolerant of the terrorists .
24 It is not that prospects for earnings are 10 p.c. better that they were in the middle of last week , but it is possible to argue that prospects are that much better than they would have been under a Labour government and that the market was discounting such a result .
25 It is not that the Bosox are chronically hapless in the manner of the Chicago Cubs or the Seattle Mariners .
26 It is not that they are extreme , or personally off-putting .
27 It is not that women are no good at chemistry .
28 It is not that these initiatives do not contain good educational practice which is being criticised here ( for they do ) , but rather the way in which they are seen by some as panaceas which can succeed without full professional involvement .
29 This would be represented in the diagram by moving from point A to point C. The converse is true because if a school loses pupils ( represented by moving from point A to point B ) it is not that the school spends any more on fixed costs but because of the reduction in pupils and hence funding , fixed costs take a larger proportion of the available budget .
30 It is not that the arbitrator 's word is an absolute reason which has to be obeyed come what may .
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