Example sentences of "[pron] is not that " in BNC.

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No Sentence
31 It is not that the law claims that one ought to obey the law come what may .
32 It is not that she does not know what to say , it is that there is not enough time to say all she knows .
33 It is not that the cells die because they are sick or somehow abnormal — dying is part of their programmed development .
34 It is not that parents occasionally , and doubtless understandably , have to switch off the seemingly inexhaustible stream of ‘ whys ’ .
35 It is not that boys go out on a Saturday night looking for milk bottles or other things to smash .
36 It is not that the Sergeant really objects to the constable having a legitimate excuse for being late , but it is because he too has to satisfy his superior officers that his omission to visit all the constables regularly is due to efficient Police duty .
37 It is not that we can not remember characters ' names , but that minor characters are often not important enough to bother about .
38 It is not that these judgements should not be made , but that where subjective judgements are made by the teacher she should be aware that this is so and be prepared , not only to give reasons for her judgements , but also to be sufficiently flexible to change them in the light of particular circumstances .
39 It is not that such a fuel can not be produced , so much as the scale of production required .
40 It is not that today 's graduates have especially high expectations , they just want work .
41 It is not that they are not used : vitamins are prescribed and bought on a massive scale for people without the slightest hint of a deficiency , and ginseng is now sold in chemists and health-food shops in the UK to the tune of no less than £7 million a year .
42 It is not that the questioners are unintelligent , but rather that they are uninformed — and , after all , as science writers information is our business .
43 It is not that we do n't like banks , just , well , I 've never even had a personal overdraft . ’
44 It is not that they are too slow to avoid being hit , but that they simply do not hear the cars speeding towards them .
45 It is not that once we know something we commit ourselves to it but that knowing something is itself a commitment .
46 It is not that God is testing us to see whether we believe or not .
47 It is not that he had abandoned or qualified his commitment to the principle of non-violence ’ .
48 It is not that you have to be ‘ good ’ , just stop believing you are ‘ bad ’ .
49 It is not that I have no reason to submit to the moral law and can do as I please ; I am left with no reason even to do as I please .
50 It is not that I inferred from the resemblance in shape that it was a man , until I began to doubt I was not thinking about it at all .
51 It is not that I am inferring information about him by analogy ; without the incipient mimicry I would not be perceiving him as a man , would be seeing him as an automaton only outwardly resembling myself .
52 It is not that in desperate circumstances we discover ourselves to be natural egoists and throw off moral restraints , it is rather that morality no longer applies .
53 If this is relativity it is like Einstein 's , by which it is not that you can make any measurement come out as you please , but that from any spatio-temporal viewpoint you can estimate what will be the right measurement from any other .
54 It is not that on the borders of logic there is a loose form called argument from analogy , but that all thinking starts from a spontaneous discrimination of the like and the unlike , and tendency to group the similar in categories and expect similar consequences from similar conditions .
55 It is not that such people are necessarily ‘ inadequate ’ , but that they feel themselves to be inadequate .
56 It is not that she no longer feels for her children .
57 It is not that students , or staff for that matter , lack ideas for what might be possible .
58 It is not that I have n't got time for girls .
59 It is not that the outlawing of all war apart from the overwhelming necessities of self-defence is unrealistic and therefore inevitably unefficacious as a means for controlling force , but rather that it runs counter to the sort of moral consensus on which the ethical authority of international law could be based .
60 It is not that they are less likely to be murdered , raped , robbed , or assaulted — although the best scientific evidence based on victimization surveys shows this to be true ( Hindelang , Gottfredson , and Garofalo 1978 ) — but that in the criminal law , definitions of murder , rape , robbery , assault , theft , and other serious crimes are so constructed as to exclude many similar , and in important respects , identical acts , and these are just the acts likely to be committed more frequently by powerful individuals .
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