Example sentences of "[noun] are to be " in BNC.

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1 STRUGGLING tycoon Donald Trump 's bedroom secrets are to be plastered all over American TV .
2 Moore ( 1938a ) considered the main spawning period to be winter and spring although egg capsules are to be found throughout the year .
3 In his introduction to the published plans of this and some of his other early houses he writes , ‘ Ornaments are to be cautiously introduced ; those ought only to be used that are simple , applicable and characteristic of their situations : they must be designed with regularity and be perfectly distinct in their outlines …
4 Rhetoric and promises are all right , but if Labour 's pledges are to be honoured , there is no question but that the ordinary taxpayer will be affected — or that some of those pledges will have to be reneged upon .
5 IT 'S strange but true : the earliest ancestors of the video camcorder are to be found in holes deep below ground which were inhabited by cave dwellers long before the dawn of recorded history .
6 Henceforth , the quarterly auctions of 30-year Treasury bonds are to take place only twice a year , nearly halving in volume ; auctions of seven-year notes are to be scrapped altogether .
7 You will need a great deal of paper if your notes are to be kept useful .
8 If your notes are to be the product of analytical thought , rather than a mere prelude to it , it is essential that you always review your reading .
9 In fact , pursuant to r 6.80 , no resolutions can be taken at the meeting of creditors other than : ( i ) a resolution to appoint a named insolvency practitioner to be trustee or two or more insolvency practitioners as joint trustees ; ( ii ) a resolution to establish a creditors ' committee ; ( iii ) ( unless a creditors ' committee has been established ) a resolution specifying the terms of the trustee 's remuneration or to defer consideration of that matter ; ( iv ) if two or more trustees are appointed , a resolution specifying whether acts are to be done by both or all of them , or by only one ; ( v ) a resolution adjourning the meeting for not more than three weeks ; and ( vi ) any other resolutions which the chairman thinks it right to allow for special reasons .
10 In order to get a true comparison between the firms ( and accordingly between the contributions , both capital and income generating , of their partners ) it may be necessary : ( 1 ) to revalue capital assets to a common date ; ( 2 ) to bring in the profits from the disposal of any property not required by the merged firm ; ( 3 ) to devise some means of compensation if goodwill is to be written out of account where it has previously been treated as an asset in which the partners have a share ; ( 4 ) where work in progress features in the accounts of one of the firms , to eliminate it by billing or to write it off against the capital accounts of that firm 's partners ; ( 5 ) to settle how bad debts are to be treated post-merger , either charged generally against the new firm or separately against the partners of the old firms ; ( 6 ) to write off the value of old fixtures and fittings ; ( 7 ) to revise profit and loss accounts to a common accounting date .
11 Disabled drivers with orange badges are to be provided with free parking spaces around the traffic-free area in Abbot 's Yard car park , Horsemarket , Houndgate and Raby Terrace .
12 As explained above fifteen new ‘ open farm ’ prisons have been constructed and more of these are essential if the Sandinista prison guide-lines are to be fully put into action .
13 In the main , therefore , its ideologies are to be found in the form of its embodied working practices and unquestioned assumptions rather than at the level of manifest policy statements .
14 If we are to adopt an action-rationality stance , and there is considerable merit in so doing , there is still the need to decide at what level ideologies are to be set , what degree of rational analysis needs to be involved , how to sell the ideologies and how much rationality is still needed even within an impressionistic mode of operation .
15 Many of these discussions are to be found in the early collections ( see , for example , Gould and Wartofsky , 1976 ; English , 1977 ; Vetterling-Braggin , Elliston and English , 1977 ) .
16 Other examples of discrimination are to be found in role titles such as foreman or tradesman widely used in business which imply the positions are normally ( and rightly ? ) filled by men .
17 Students ' attitudes on university funding are to be studied by means of the following design : where S 1 and S 2 are random samples of students starting their second and first years respectively interviewed at time T 1 .
18 A Will is simply a clear statement about how your money and possessions are to be divided when you die .
19 YOUNG prisoners are to be taught how to survive inside with a real-life version of the hit television comedy series , Porridge .
20 DRUG-USING prisoners are to be given a heroin substitute for the first time in a Scottish jail in an effort to stop needle sharing .
21 What he said — if contemporary accounts are to be believed — includes the first use of the word that , as a geographical descriptive and identifier , is central to this book and , if one accepts the dominant economic theses of today , central to the future development of the planet .
22 In their accounts are to be found , prima facie , the best interpretations of what went on , from the standpoint of the problem of the interpretation of action .
23 First , section 238(1) provides that any member , holder of the company 's debentures and any person who is entitled to receive notice of general meetings shall , not less than 21 days before the accounts are to be laid before the general meeting under section 241 , be sent copies of them .
24 If the company has been dormant from the time of its formation , the special resolution will be effective if passed before the first general meeting at which accounts are to be laid .
25 An outline of the effects of deformation is given in ( MP ) but fuller accounts are to be found in books , dealing specifically with the yield and deformation of polymers , such as Ciferri & Ward ( 1979 ) and Ward ( 1975 ) .
26 From December 1993 onwards , the government spending accounts are to be drawn up to make a ‘ proper distinction ’ between current and capital transactions .
27 If some companies are incorporated in ( for example ) Spain , Italy , Germany or Finland which set of accounts are to be warranted : the legal ( tax-based ) accounts or the internal management ( business-based ) accounts ?
28 In addition the purchaser will need to specify other advisers such as accountants ( particularly if a report or completion accounts are to be prepared ) , actuaries , insurance brokers and bankers .
29 The most difficult area is agreeing the basis on which the completion accounts are to be prepared and the form they are to take .
30 The rules would normally specify that the completion accounts are to be prepared in accordance with : ( a ) generally accepted accounting practices or the statements of standard accounting practice ( SSAPs ) in order to give a true and fair view ; ( b ) the same accounting practices as used consistently in previous accounts of the business , normally over a period of several years ; ( c ) specific accounting rules legislated for in the sale agreement .
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