Example sentences of "[noun] are to be " in BNC.

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31 It is also often useful to include in the side letter , by way of illustration only , a worked example of a pro forma completion statement to which both sets of accountants agree and to which they can refer back when the actual accounts are to be prepared .
32 Naturally he has expressed a desire to see you , but if his wishes are to be fulfilled you must leave for France at once .
33 The Council considered " that if the challenges of a European Union composed of a larger number of member states are to be met successfully , parallel progress is needed as regards the internal development of the Union and in preparation for membership of other countries " .
34 Listed investments are to be distinguished between those listed on a recognised stock exchange and others .
35 Listed investments are to be distinguished between those listed on a recognised stock exchange and others .
36 This may seem to have moved a.long way away from the Creation , but not if the full significances of the Mayan story are to be enjoyed .
37 While no-one likes to see anyone lose his job the Glentoran Board are to be congratulated on having been decisive at such a vital time for the club .
38 It is submitted that the views of Browne LJ in Littlewoods case are to be preferred and that the approach of the majority is an extreme example of the object and intent approach which should not be followed .
39 Smaller areas of good fattening pasture are to be found in other parts of the country , but before attempting to finish cattle on grass , the smallholder should ensure that the three main conditions — a long growing season , constant subsoil water supply , and good drainage — are met .
40 In an intensive hunt thousands of Zulus on the nature reserve are to be fingerprinted .
41 He is less conspicuous in opposing the Social Charter as a costly threat to jobs if the standards of Germany are to be imposed on countries like Britain .
42 He is less conspicuous in opposing the Social Charter as a costly threat to jobs if the standards of Germany are to be imposed on countries like Britain .
43 Farmers in the former East Germany are to be allowed to continue using stocks of illegal pesticides for a further two years .
44 The direction ‘ laissez vibrer ’ is given here to indicate that the cymbals are to be allowed to vibrate freely — to ring on until their vibration dies away naturally .
45 Fourth , the means of implementation is vital in terms of who does the policing of fenced-off pastures or restrictions on land-use , and how extension , new inputs and other specialist skills are to be delivered to the farmers or pastoralists themselves .
46 The magnitude of the special needs post-holder 's task becomes clear if one considers that these skills are to be geared to assisting classroom teachers of varying lengths of career experience ( often considerably longer than that of the ‘ qualified ’ supporter ) and range of subject specialities ( beyond the supporter 's expertise ) — teachers already under pressure from many directions and with ambivalent feelings about ‘ hawing problems ’ and ‘ being seen as in need of help ’ ; and if one considers that the supporter 's extended task is to deepen these colleagues ' understanding of ‘ special ’ learning needs , to enhance their skills , discover and develop their strengths and the confidence that the professional know.how they possess can be summoned for responding more appropriately to most of the behavioural , emotional and learning difficulties they encounter .
47 FOUR policemen cleared of beating black motorist Rodney King are to be re-tried in Los Angeles where 50 people died in race riots .
48 Writing to a colleague at Caserta , he mentioned that he had been presented with some tricky problems concerning the status of individual British subjects in Austria , and he then went on to mention , among " similar problems " he had been confronted with : " if captured Cossacks fighting with the Germans are to be handed over to the Russians , what should be done with White Russians with French nationality ?
49 The Apolline and the Dionysiac are to be thought of as antithetical artistic tendencies or impulses ; and the nature of any art at any time varies according to which of the two is operative .
50 Higher art is not the only sphere in which the Apolline and the Dionysiac are to be found .
51 Specifically Darwinian illustrations are to be found in R. D. Fitzgerald 's Australian Orchids ( 1882–94 ) , one of the most splendid books published in Australia in the nineteenth century .
52 Or perhaps , like Hope , he found an inexplicable access of joy : ‘ I must be alone , ’ he wrote , ‘ if either my imagination or my heart are to be enriched . ’
53 The alternative voting system at least possesses the virtue of requiring that if such policies are to be persisted in , the doctrine in which they are grounded must have been at least minimally acceptable to , if not the first choice of , a majority of voters .
54 These members are interested in the issues , in extracting information from the government , in finding out precisely what is being planned , how policies are to be applied and whether the machinery of government is working well .
55 Both the Housing Corporation and the NFHA have produced guidelines on how anti-racist policies are to be effected .
56 An understanding of the occupational structure for women is essential if policies are to be formulated which ensure equality of opportunity with men ; it also forms an important foundation for policies concerned with unemployment and with the prediction of changes in women 's participation in paid employment .
57 The following specific policies are to be adopted for material accruals and prepayments :
58 What accounting policies are to be applied ?
59 Corporatism needs ‘ hegemonic ’ agencies , rather than bureaucratic competition , if policies are to be enforced nationwide .
60 Frequent references to inspection and study by Fellows of these acquisitions from Chelsea are to be found in the Journal Books of the Royal Society and the specimens are now housed in the British Museum ( Natural History ) .
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