Example sentences of "[noun] i give [pers pn] " in BNC.

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1 I never ceased to be astounded by how quickly and thoroughly he absorbed the notes I gave him . ’
2 M. I gave you that book to read because I thought you would feel identified with him .
3 I carried mine , then I put it in my pocket and further along the route I gave it to someone in the crowd . ’
4 I mean , after all the shit I gave them they 've really stood by me and me girlfriend as well .
5 Of course I gave her an ‘ A ’ .
6 During his lunch-hour I give him the last orange , a biro and three lollipops , all I can muster , and wish him a happy birthday .
7 But I said I am the money I gave him his first flying lesson , I paid for it , like I bought his first three cars .
8 ‘ An' where 's the money I gave yer fer the pictures ? ’ he demanded .
9 He is still at sea with the silver I gave him to discover fresh treasure .
10 Yes it 's great , I mean in the first year lecture on Tuesday erm in the break I gave them in the middle of it the the corridor was like thick with tobacco smoke y'know you could hardly
11 I did n't approve of what he was doing , but if I refused his money I would be more and more visible , so I took it , and when he had gone off in relief back towards the dining car I gave it to the barman .
12 it opens the door , it opens the door , that 's why both my younger girls , I mean Diane 's a different policy any way cos she wants to be a , but with the other two , who worked interest in computers and when they left college I gave them crash course in , in typing not in shorthand because they do n't they do n't need shorthand nowadays ,
13 The greatest pleasure I gave him was the fact that nobody knew about me .
14 That form bears the closest inspection and as the six-year-old has settled into his new surroundings at the Marriott Stables I give him the edge over Newton Point , whose cause will not have been helped by the rain .
15 is that the milky bar I gave him ?
16 ‘ And what you said this morning … about that manuscript I gave you .
17 ‘ Well I 'm not , ’ said Robert , ‘ and I want to know what you 've found out about that manuscript I gave you ! ’
18 When I think of the abuse I gave you … ‘
19 Peace I leave with you ; my peace I give you .
20 So the rabbi ran after the man and said : ‘ I have just found out that the jewel I gave you is more precious than I thought — do n't sell it for too little . ’
21 He said that he 'd telephoned every gallery I gave him the name of .
22 I take all that you have and it 's place and in it 's place I give you all that I have and all that I am .
23 Did that job I give you this morning .
24 He stated : " Haughey had retained all but one of the tapes I gave him , and at no stage indicated disapproval of the action that had been taken . "
25 So as an aircraft came out of the engineering wing I gave it a test .
26 You left the house so full of the confidence I gave you .
27 The first lecture I gave I was going on about the different approaches to psychology .
28 ‘ Remember the lecture I gave you in the train .
29 But first I must warn you that this evening I give you not a narrative .
30 I cash in on my sex appeal I take all the credit I give you the
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