Example sentences of "[noun] i give [pers pn] " in BNC.

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31 I then rang the Family Health Authority er myself , and they 'd never heard of the person and had no trace of of the name I gave them .
32 ‘ Your choice whether you smoke a cigarette , my choice on the name I give you .
33 ‘ Yes , but what about the gravy I gave you ? ’
34 ‘ I do n't know why you 're wearing that ridiculous outfit , ’ said Robert , ‘ and I do n't know why you 're telling all these things to Malik and telling him about things I gave you as a present . ’
35 You wo n't get my stuff I gave you !
36 He says he knows cases where wives were n't given , and there were then very serious er conflicts broken up , because the man who did n't get the wife then thought he 'd been cheated and apparently his complaint was you know er wife I give you my foreskin .
37 Start by playing these combinations with one note then apply some of the melodic permutations I gave you in part 1 of this series .
38 We need to have some idea what the cells are picking up from , and where they are sending information to , in order to apply those two principles I gave you earlier , the selective trigger feature , and the selective projective zone .
39 Last month I gave you some homework .
40 erm it may very well be that certain family situations , such as the example I gave you example earlier — somebody may have given up work to look after a dependent .
41 And then another week I give you two
42 ‘ No , my lord , ’ ( such courtesy again , and such artful courtesy too , as we shall see ! ) ‘ hear me ; I give you the field , and I give you the cave that is in it ; in the presence of the sons of my people I give it to you ; bury your dead . ’
43 about it and I did n't see her for weekend she gave me her phone number , Saturday morning I gave her a bell , said I would be walking the dog if you want to join me
44 ‘ Remember , ’ the Doctor said sternly , ‘ do n't touch anything unless you 're wearing the gloves I gave you . ’
45 You were quite happy to sink yourself in the role I gave you .
46 When I was at the garage getting the petrol I give them , signed the cheque and they put the cheque through the cheque machine printing it out and that and er they 've got a free offer at the moment .
47 He was only going to see a man whose address I gave him — a creditor , I believe . ’
48 Erm three aspects , first of all there was that little word I gave you er to describe pa
49 The reason why we consider it important to have a specialist day care centre for sufferers of dementia is because of the following areas which can cause tremendous problems in a " NORMAL " situation but the specialist unit will be trained to respond in a very positive way : a Mood changes b Individual capabilities c Higher level of care required for the moderate to severely demented clients d Creates a greater depth of security through familiarity and able to get to know the client e Positive attitudes towards dementia f Clients with a severe dementia may require 2 carers g Greater stimulation in the appropriate surroundings creates greater awareness in the home environment h A place where the clients can be " NORMAL " i Helps reduce the possibility of the clients becoming apathetic Time to spend with a group and work at their own pace k Not creating a ghetto but creating a positive environment where they can get the most out of their lives — improve their quality of life I Gives them confidence m On-going deterioration can be catered for , eg feeding , toileting and many other problems The specialist day care centre is only a part of a flexible range of services available to dementia sufferers in the community .
50 The message I gave you ? ’
51 Teach them to observe all the commands I give you .
52 That was n't the reason I gave her to David , but because she was a trained dancer and I thought she could help David get the simple steps of the minuet together , because he had difficulty in putting two steps together .
53 " But it 's a good thing I gave her that extra lavage yesterday . "
54 Whatever number I give you , you multiply
55 Your hands are playing with the glass I gave you .
56 Or is it that you 're worried about having to work a bit harder for the grand wages I give you … wages that 's been strangled out of me by that bloody woman o ’ yours ? ’
58 ‘ I stopped a policeman in the High Street and he radioed in the information I gave him .
59 This piece of information I gave him with a triumphant smile .
60 He even took exception to the introduction I gave him and when it came to the commercial break , he wagged his finger at me .
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