Example sentences of "be relate to [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Not only is the method not scientific but , to the extent that Marx did make certain historical prophecies which can be related to empirical evidence over long periods of time , these can be examined and by and large they have not proved to be valid .
2 As my thesis is broadly supportive of small rural schools , I shall attempt to offer possible solutions to the disadvantages , despite the fact that they must be related to implicit value judgements .
3 These legal advances must also be related to long-term changes in the nature of property-holding among the middle class and to changes in the ideology of domesticity .
4 The extent to which authorities can achieve gains depends , of course , on their bargaining power , which in turn may be related to current ( and local ) economic conditions .
5 This suggests another reason why memory might be related to subjective risk , simply because it is advantageous to the organism to have memory organized that way ( c.f. J. R. Anderson , 1990 ) .
6 Many of the variables which may be related to subjective risk may also be related to subsequent recall of situations .
7 Sometimes these triggering events are related to physical ageing , but are just as likely to be related to personal changes , such as a death in the family .
8 This has obvious implications for services at a local level and provision needs to be related to regional trends and census figures .
9 Lineaments highlighted by imaging techniques are evidence of the nature of Caledonian orogenesis , and variations in image texture can be related to specific geological terrains .
10 The second activity will not be related to specific lesson preparation but have to do with language work related to modes of language use .
11 In its application to the land science must be related to inherent land potentialities .
12 The cause is unknown but seems to be related to congenital vascular abnormalities .
13 The prolonged duration of reflux seen during pH monitoring or after a meal in PSS could thus be related to defective clearance or to a greater quantity of reflux .
14 Epidemiological studies have implicated dietary fat of animal origin as an important aetiological factor in the development of colorectal cancer which may be related to altered faecal bile acids .
15 Discussing the use of the 18-foot ( 5.5 metre ) perch for measuring plots , the fiscal assessment in Domesday Book and the 1284 Kirby 's Quest knights ' fees , she examined in detail the plans of Hemingborough , Thornton le Beans and Upper Poppleton , and showed that the plans of these and other villages seem co be related to early feudal arrangements .
16 This seems to be related to certain features of Japanese lifestyle and working practices , such as shared decision-making , group affiliations , corporate identity , group counselling , etc .
17 You can use the program to create a personal history of problems that are felt to be related to certain substances .
18 The reason for an increase may be related to increased VLDL catabolism , which in turn produces the apoproteins and lipids forming an integral part of HDL .
19 An abdominal type of fat distribution may be related to increased androgenicity of these women .
20 However , specific observations always needs to be related to general claims or GENERALISATIONS , without which the specific can just seem trivial and random .
21 There is minimal information about patterns of USO pressure in children with problems believed to be related to oesophagopharyngeal reflux .
22 This learning will be related to future plans for work , education or training and other aspects of the student 's life .
23 Library education will be more effective if the student understands what he is doing and why he is doing it — that is , if new facts can be related to existing knowledge .
24 Massey agrees that the fate of entities which are part of large spatially diverse enterprises can be related to explicit planning decisions , but considers that it is dangerous to somehow regard such actions as ‘ worse ’ than the consequences of the anonymous system forces of capitalism as manifested through market relations .
25 Clearly , the existence of timber decay is likely to be related to other shortcomings in the condition of the building and these faults may require rectification in addition to treatment of the timber .
26 Although perhaps the paradigm for the village school was some idyllic haven seen on a summer 's day , the report is still a good review of the position and can be related to other parts of Western Europe .
27 While I will argue that structuralism offers a way of understanding knowledge as language that can be related to other social practices without reduction to an individual knowing subject , it is to the Marxist theory of ideology that I will turn to help describe the nature of the relationship .
28 The attitudes of women to work in the home are very likely to be related to other attitudes they hold — such as those to paid employment , to marriage , to child-socialization , to leisure activities and so on .
29 These style markers , in turn , will be related to other style markers within the context of the passage 's literary function .
30 Rather than measure degrees of public ( mis ) understanding against some yardstick of ‘ real ’ scientific knowledge , it recognises that science and technology have and implicate a variety of publics , who , in using science at work , in managing their personal lives , or as consumers , will have different kinds of contacts with science , different levels of understanding of its language and ideas , and different conceptions of science and technology which will be related to other aspects of their lives .
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