Example sentences of "be relate to [adj] " in BNC.

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31 Unfortunately , despite the widespread excavations at Alcester , little has been found which can be related to religious practices .
32 The supposedly most securely dated vessels are those which can be related to Continental chronologies ; vessels which occur on the Continent but not in England date to before the migration , those on both sides of the North Sea to the migration period itself , and those which are only found in England must have developed after the migration period .
33 ‘ I 've been an Overseas ’ Corporation Executive for the last ten years and I 've always been told that the reason the Corporation could n't pay me the salary it paid to Americans doing similar work was because my salary had to be related to British salary scales . ’
34 This is an important difference as physical abuse and neglect do seem to be associated with social , material and environmental stress and hence seem to be related to social class .
35 The shift in ranking of preferences appears to be related to social class .
36 One unfortunate consequence of this rather cavalier approach to the notion of class by sociolinguists is that meaningful debate on the question of how linguistic variability can most pertinently be related to social structure tends not to take place .
37 With this knowledge , electoral behaviour may be related to local area social and economic characterisation .
38 This increased incidence of gastric carcinomas seems to be related to local factors .
39 Angular scales , on the microwave background can be related to linear scales , λ , at the present epoch by .
40 One surprising aspect of the recall results was that they did not seem to be related to previous knowledge of the junctions , it had seemed possible that even simple junctions would be memorable if they had not been previously encountered .
41 Some of these patterns could undoubtedly be related to sexual activity ( for example , a male infection on the lower surface of a leg with a female infection on the upper surface of the corresponding leg ) , but sexual contact could not explain all of the distribution patterns .
42 As has been discussed above this appears to be related to left ventricular dysfunction .
43 Counselling is concerned with coping mechanisms which may be related to physical health problems , or may be personal and linked to relationships , or sociocultural issues including spiritual beliefs , or may be linked to economic difficulties .
44 Many of the variables which may be related to subjective risk may also be related to subsequent recall of situations .
45 Although the advantage of real volume planning , an assured outcome , is lost by the new technique , it was expected that cash planning would mean that government expenditure could more easily be related to expected government revenue .
46 This support need not be related to departmental business : in her diary entry for 4 March 1976 Barbara Castle , then Secretary of State for Health and Social Security , bewails the fact that she had no briefing for the Cabinet discussion of the defence review because her political adviser , Jack Straw , was out of action because of a family bereavement .
47 According to this author , management may be related to formal authority within an organisation and managers-get others to do their bidding because of their organisational position .
48 The activities of delinquent fans might be more intelligible if they can be related to particular roles and positions with respect to other fans .
49 It has been suggested , for instance , that language-impaired children 's problems with syntax may be related to imperfect acquisition of verb argument structures .
50 Thus ‘ abstract ’ is opposed to ‘ concrete ’ , ‘ explicit ’ to ‘ implicit ’ , ‘ elaborated code ’ to ‘ restricted code ’ , ‘ extensional structure ’ to ‘ in tensional structure ’ , and these types are taken to be related to differing kinds of social experience mediated or formed by a literate organization of reality , on the one hand , and an oral organization of reality , on the other .
51 Activities associated with adjusting income/expenditure would take on greater importance , and would be related to defined shortfalls in resource needs .
52 They suggest that this factor may be related to genetic abnormality or more rapid progression of growth in younger women .
53 The trend to uniformity ( not always necessarily simplification ) that is often found in so-called prestige accents ( such as RP ) would seem itself to be related to functional factors .
54 It may therefore be expected that the solutions obtained may be related to known cylindrically symmetric solutions , or to stationary axisymmetric solutions , which similarly have a pair of Killing vectors .
55 There are times when conditions develop which can not readily be related to known disease conditions .
56 The parameters appearing in the Richards functions can be related to biological factors .
57 The obese diabetic ( Ideal body weight > 120 per cent : Metropolitan Life Insurance Company , 1959 ) must be encouraged to lose weight as this has been found to have a blood-pressure-lowering effect which may or may not be related to concomitant reduction of dietary sodium ( Reisin et al , 1978 ; Tuck et al , 1981 ; Fagerberg et al , 1984 ) .
58 To what extent can trends be related to concomitant changes in age structure , household composition , or work patterns ?
59 Difference in outcome may be related to different social profiles .
60 Since these ungulates are primarily exploiters of vegetation , it is natural that the range of feeding strategies should be related to different types of browsing and grazing .
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