Example sentences of "be talking to [noun prp] " in BNC.

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1 Now that we 're talking to Anne and er she wants it pink .
2 Pache had no response , other than to say , ‘ we 're talking to IBM . ’
3 Now , you 're talking to Zadak about the AOL .
4 So you 're you 're talking to Mr Plumber and you do n't even mention our company name
5 But they 're going to say , if they 're talking to Liz , presumably the trainer as well as a person , you know , what
6 Finally , we 'll be talking to Paul about the best selling records of all time in the country , guess what 's number one ?
7 He must be talking to Dr Greene by now .
8 Next week I shall be talking to Dr Johanna
9 In our Ideas in Action programme I shall be talking to Dr Mike King about teaching science to very young children in schools .
10 Next week I shall be talking to Professor Max Clews all about computers and the human mind .
11 For a start , she ought to be talking to Adam , not spilling out her troubles to you . ’
12 So I always sit up in bed for ages really wide awake , and I 'm reading and doing all sorts of thinking like things , and I 'd be talking to Ben , and he would say yeah , yeah , and he 's really vague as well , and I , I get really angry and then I think you can tell because then you tend to lean across and say , are you alright , are you alright , and I just find it makes it worse .
13 Next week I shall be talking to Peter Abbs about teaching the arts and he will be reading some very interesting children 's poetry .
14 He would clearly have preferred to be talking to Fiona on his other side , but the award was having to be paid for with politeness .
15 According to Lucy : ‘ It 's a fing like , I 'd be talking to Carol , right , and she 's with Ann … ’
16 Next week I shall be talking to Delia Venables .
17 It is , however , now committed to find its own end-user business , and is thought to be talking to Olivetti & Co SpA .
18 I shall be talking to Stephen Ball and others about their studies of the effectiveness of this approach to education .
19 BSB is also believed to be talking to Ford in the UK about providing communications with its dealers and to the Financial Times about a business service for large companies .
20 I 'll be talking to John Hume , the leader of the S D L P , according to Mr Major his talks with Gerry Addams are at the end of the road .
21 I 'll also be talking to John MacGregor , about the privatization of British Rail , has he really given in to his rebels who want B R to be able to bid for the franchises , or is it all a clever conjuring trick ?
22 You should be talking to Henry Glinwood .
23 I 'll be talking to Mike in a minute .
24 You should be talking to Sue .
25 Next Sunday , I shall be talking to Keith Middlemas about his studies of European Communism .
26 No need to neglect the chickens just because I 'm talking to Jin . ’
27 I 'm talking to Christopher .
28 well er , I 'm , excuse me David I 'm talking to Chris .
29 No , I 'm talking to Kerry !
30 I 'm talking to Kathleen .
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