Example sentences of "be talking to [noun prp] " in BNC.

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31 He has that abstracted expression they all get , do n't bother me now , I 'm talking to God and God only talks back in rock .
32 However , sources close to the band told NME , the Pistols are keen to play one show at an outdoor venue rather than a conventional tour , and are talking to UK promoters this week .
33 One publisher commented , ‘ We are talking to Dillons about DOPRA , but we are not in yet .
34 Jim Cadman , one of the two businessmen who have launched FTC , says : ‘ We are talking to UEFA at the moment .
35 Well I would expect that the Prime Minister would , I think this nonsense that is behind all this is that because I am talking to Gerry Adams , they do n't want to be seen to be talking to me because it looks this fingerprint argument
36 I am talking to Kathleen , not you !
37 Acting Detective Superintendent Mick Cox is leading the enquiry he 's been talking to Nigel Bell and telling him they 're convinced that the same girl has made all the phone calls .
38 ‘ She upset her hosts by her grumpy behaviour in Korea and we believe she 's been talking to Morton 's people again .
39 Just been talking to Tracey .
40 According to the latest tittle-tattle , Sparc licensees Fujitsu and LSI Logic ( who is into MIPS as well ) have been talking to DEC about Alpha .
41 According to last week 's gossip , Sparc licencees Fujitsu Ltd and LSI Logic have been talking to DEC about Alpha ( UX No 385 ) .
42 ‘ I 've just been talking to Mrs Flaherty , ’ she said .
43 You 've been talking to Steve and I want to know — ’
44 I told him I 'd been talking to Richie .
45 " She could n't have been talking to Rome , " Seddon said .
46 The Home Secretary has been talking to Peter Murphy about the siege and the efforts to end it .
47 Erm , oh I have got something else , which is music , erm , at the last meeting I said I 've been talking to Simon from the Queen 's Hall , about the idea of doing pre-concert notes
48 I 've just been talking to Captain Montgomery .
49 Jane 's been talking to Paul about it and he 's being very non committal because of this Y T S T M review
50 I 've been talking to Dr Wickram about this .
51 Of course , he 'd been talking to Maria Luisa ; he had nothing to say to Steve .
52 ‘ We 've been talking to Jane Pargeter . ’
53 DAVID WALMSLEY has been talking to Ulster 's faces of the future .
54 ‘ Rune , I 've been talking to Suzie … ’
55 She had been talking to Lapointe , which no doubt explained why she had misheard .
56 Mr Perelman has been talking to Shearson and its parent , American Express , about buying a 20 per cent shareholding in the broking business .
57 Rebecca Marston has been talking to Ken Schwarz , Director of Development at the company who 've published the figures on executives pay .
58 I 've been talking to Adèle .
59 ‘ You 've been talking to Lily Bates . ’
60 We 've been talking to Michael Medleycote from the British Tourist Authority , and one of the points I was making to him was with the recession and also the Gulf war people are very concerned , a ) there 's the cost of flying , but also they 're concerned of course about security .
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