Example sentences of "do be [prep] " in BNC.

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1 The Society has for over a year objected strongly to the plan under which the current arrangements for remunerating solicitors on the basis of work actually done are to be replaced by a standard fee scheme from April .
2 It may be argued that such distinctions between what machines can do and what only humans can do are of merely temporary interest , since in principle there is nothing that a human can do that a machine might not be devised , some day , to do .
3 " It would have been immensely preferable for my return to be accomplished by the [ legal ] process , " de Gaulle told Dulac , but added cryptically : " Tell General Salan that what he has done and what he will do is for the good of France . "
4 it 's like writing an essay , you 've got to try and get as mi many things in as you would do when you if you were writing a full essay but instead of writing a paragraph on each thing you write a sentence on each thing try and cover as many bases , then , that 's how you how you get very good marks , it 's not , they are not trying to test your erm your deep knowledge about any one thing in these short answers they are testing the broad , broad venture of your , of your knowledge , alright , so what you want to try and do is to is a blunderbuss approach when you ans you answer these , these questions .
5 All you can do is to KILL the offending BBCBASIC(Z80) instantiation .
6 But what I wan na do is to , I 'll get you all eventually .
7 The only thing you can do is to quiet him down , to frighten him off .
8 So what we 'll do is to gi y Thing about this is you need the practice in in actually crunching
9 But what I thought I 'd do is like for Ellie and Linda for Christmas presents say , I mean you know it wo n't be a a lot but that 'll be it
10 What you got ta do is like that .
11 What needs to be done is for the leaders who gather in Edinburgh to accept all that and begin to forge the new kind of European Community which is needed .
12 I think probably many of you are familiar with the concepts that Phill described and what those concepts what the client server approach has done is to really bring about quite a revolutionary new breed of systems since the term was first coined in fact by in ninety eighty seven .
13 What we 've done , won one of the points I think that is worth er making perhaps is that on er over the last few years we 've seen a complete change in world export philosophy where not only are the Russians exporting all over the place but clearly er there are a number of western aircraft in different parts of the world and therefore what we have also done is to , in comparing er our aircraft against other western ones , we 've also looked at them as potential threats because it 's possible that er erm western aircraft in certain hands could end up being used against us so we have also compared those .
14 The Jet project is formally er continuing until the end of 1992 but in recent months we 've had some very great successes in Jet , the work we 've done is of very high quality and , and certainly world leading , and we can see the way ahead to building an experimental reactor after Jet but there are some very important experiments that need to be done before then .
15 The means by which this is done is through the ‘ schemes of experience ’ , such as typifications , recipes , and other idealizations which members build up over time and into which are allotted new experiences and encounters , rendering the unknown into the known , the unfamiliar into the familiar .
16 How it will be done is outside my brief at the moment .
17 The best time for this ‘ homework ’ to be done is in what I call the twilight time at night — that period when he is in bed and drowsy but not yet asleep .
18 ( Since then I have learned that the way it is done is in a body bag , which is much easier to handle , and then transferred to a coffin either in the pick-up vehicle or at the undertakers . )
19 yo you 're suggesting is what is happening now and so many of us he no he not just here but in population generally belong to all sorts of pressure groups erm whatever they may be like Greenpeace and many others erm really it 's , it 's a jolly hard slog , the point is that erm it the lid is on the kettle the whole time and it 's only , the only way that people can get anything done is by joining these organizations erm but it 's a very slow business erm but there 's no other way of doing anything because you ca n't change what happens at the top .
20 So on 13 and 14 March the best that could be done was for him to give Harwell full details and let them get on with it themselves ( see Chapter 7 ) .
21 Everything he had done was for this final purpose , " that I might dwell among them " ( Exodus 29:43–46 ) .
22 Everything he had ever done was for the woman he could not forget .
23 ‘ The first day 's threshing I done was for a man by the name of Rogers , Harry Rogers .
24 The MPs said the only firing they had done was on two US teenagers — children of Panama Canal Commission employees .
25 The British Steel Challenge inspired him , too , although the only sailing he had ever done was on a windsurfer .
26 This , according to the Nationalist , was nonsense : all the paper had done was to ‘ extol Kambona 's ego ’ ; the article ‘ excelled in lies and innuendo ’ .
27 Erm and one of the things I could 've done was to em er become a salaried employee of my own company which was a limited company but I paid myself as a consultant .
28 How could they say , as they all did , frequently and sanctimoniously , that everything they had done was in the best interests of the children ?
29 Paul Lee , Orkney 's Social Work Director , consistently said that what had been done was in the best interests of the children .
30 Councillor Mrs Mairhi Trickett continued to insist that everything they had done was in the best interests of the children .
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