Example sentences of "do be [prep] " in BNC.

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31 So all I could do was to prance about waving flashcards and realia like a second-rate conjuror at a children 's party , and try not to glance at my watch more than once a minute .
32 There was an immediate loss of power and all I could do was to crash-land the aircraft .
33 ‘ All the instructions about what to do are on this sheet of paper , here . ’
34 Well I 'll I 'll erm Well if you 've got the insurance the be the best thing to do is for me to tell them when you 've actually been done .
35 Liverpool Labour group member George Knibb said : ‘ What we are asking you to do is for what you believe in for the miners to commit yourselves to for your own workforce . ’
36 What our staffing levels do n't allow us to do is for the care assistants to have the time they would like just to spend talking to elderly people , talking them write letters , get in touch with their relatives .
37 Probably what the best thing to do is for for for managers to sit when Vicky comes back I 'll fill in for anyone who reports to me .
38 VOUCHER 2 All you have to do is save two of these special vouchers for your free bracelet .
39 These prolong the effect of the active ingredients for up to 24 hours , so all you need to do is to hand-massage MP24 lightly over your hips and thighs .
40 Now , what you 've got to do is to be wily .
41 To prevent this being noticed , all you have to do is to be careful in your use of words .
42 All you have to do is to be willing to co-operate with the hypnotherapist as he gently takes you through the relaxation exercise to the hypnotic state .
43 Prevention is better than cure , and the sensible thing to do is to physically shield the mike , either by angling the shot out of the wind , or by getting an assistant to shelter it bodily .
44 All the adventurers have to do is to be out of sight of the Fiend when it emerges after 3 Turns .
45 Barbedette concluded that the only thing to do is to ‘ maintain an intrepid virtue . ’
46 One of the several things we would advise any visitor to San Gimignano to do is to be in its main square , Piazza della Cisterna , towards evening when the light of the setting sun tinges the buildings with delicate colours .
47 So she 's got her knuckles grazed , you 've cleansed it , put it into a drop of water , ra or else we 've used the Mediwipes or the end of the bandage okay , now we just cover it , okay , so it goes over , can you just straighten out your hand for me , it goes over the wound , okay and you can take this one that she can hold it for you just up there , right , now the rest of this just winds round , the only thing you really need to do is to just make sure that you leave the thumb out , cover up the bottom right and then come up towards the wrist , cover up the top of the pad , come back down again , leave the thumb out all the time , got the idea ?
48 What we have hoped to do is to be part of an ongoing dialogue between community development practice and the world of health care .
49 All he has been trying to do is to trying to ensure that there 's been even-handed play here on all the stadium sites and it 's disgraceful that his name has been dragged into this !
50 All you have to do is to be brave enough to stand up to those putting pressure on you or taking advantage of your desire to keep everyone happy .
51 And you 've got perfect liver function tests which is what we thought you 'd have all So the thing to do is to now get you on Terbinefeine Yeah ?
52 Well I think the thing to do is to actually give you the higher dose patches .
53 All you are asked to do is to type in the baby 's surname and the computer will display or print a random list of baby 's names ( girls or boys ) with the chosen surname .
54 What we have to do is to thinking .
55 And so what he 's trying to do is to as Andrea says erm uncover the truth , get to the , get to what really happened as it were , under the layers of myth and distortion could have been introduced in the Bible story , and as I said if you read the book erm and it is quite fascinating in many ways , it is a bit like a detective story because what Freud does is he tries to get to the truth by analyzing the , the actual texts and the texts contains discrepancies and anybody who 's ever tried to erm edit a book , learns this to their cost actually , but er you find no matter how carefully you change things , there 's usually things you miss , little discrepancies that give away how it was the first time and er Freud 's view is this , this has happened very much to the Bible , it 's been so heavily edited and re-written and later the the various editings show and if you read it very critically , you can begin to see perhaps the underlying pattern er coming through and erm just as you can tell for instance by reading Genesis , that it 's a of two accounts because there are two stories , the first story is Chapter One of Genesis , then in Chapter Three or something there 's a second story repeats it with variations .
56 That could well be a bit of verisimilitude , it may well be the original man Moses was a powerful man with a powerful temper and perhaps this was come down to us er as , as a bit of historical truth , but erm nevertheless the whole figure of Moses and his laws by later generations and this , this th what Freud is trying to do is to erm undo this rewriting the process again truth .
57 So , what I want to do is to er really repeat what I said last week but with a different emphasis .
58 What you need to do is to be able to provide a private sector a certain level of certainty , that the concession will be er granted long enough so that one can recover both your costs an=and certainly be able to make a profit and so er to the extent that the franchises that are being considered are short natured , seven years , er that becomes rather disadvantageous and unattractive er concessions of twenty and thirty and forty years , and and really thirty thirty to forty year period er do make it in fact make it very attractive for private sector involvement .
59 And finally I can just look at erm draft planning policy guidance thirteen , it is very easy to lift one or two sentences out of either the draft planning policy note , or indeed the Ecotech report which underpins it , erm , I think if a full reading is made of that , what comes across strongly in the research is that there is a very complex relationship between urban forms and transport patterns , and indeed erm I think the advice in P P G , er draft P P G thirteen is prefaced with a note that erm , transport issues are , will be erm , there are very few general principles , if any , and local er considerations will influence the er the importance of this iss issue very considerably , what I think draft P P G thirteen does invite us to do is to more overtly look the transportation implications of alternative settlement patterns , and that 's all .
60 What I , I intend to do is to , I think it would be unfortunate if , as the result of a major development which is actually funding this new junction , the County Council then has to pick up the bill for other ameliorating effects a little bit further on the network .
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