Example sentences of "[adj] to the eye " in BNC.

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1 They do not see the antiquated Gloria combine harvesters or the Transylvanian wheat fields bloodshot with poppies : charming to the eye , but evidence of faltering investment in machinery and decent fertilisers .
2 A horse in good condition should have a flat back , even a ‘ double spine ’ or ‘ tiger spine ’ ( where the Mesh and muscle is raised on each side of the spine in two ridges ) ; the rump should be rounded ; and the ribs well-covered and not visible to the eye .
3 Here , the same was applied to Waterford Rough and Waterford Hot Pressed and the difference in colour value is visible to the eye .
4 Then run your hand across the surface in order to detect any bumps or depressions not visible to the eye .
5 What was visible to the eye or to the sensor , however , was a path which had come into existence long after the Simonova had vanished along its trajectory .
6 The radiometer can detect the difference ( very obvious to the eye ) in the leaf area of the plants at these temperatures .
7 Nevertheless ecology has started with that which is obvious to the eye and is increasingly concerned with what is not .
8 It looked good to the eye , it felt firm underfoot , the Land Rover had no problems , but the wheelbarrow seemed designed to plough a furrow .
9 These regions , tedious to the eye , were a continuous market garden with five crops every two years .
10 It is tempting to try to cram as much information as possible on to the page , a solid mass of print is unattractive to the eye and is unlikely to be read .
11 The Red Rose and the Rosa Mundi commonly grow from three to four feet high , but seldom exceed that ; but the Damask , Provence and Frankfurt Roses grow to the height of seven or eight feet , so that in planting them , great care should be taken to place their several kinds , according to their various growth , amongst other shrubs , that they may appear beautiful to the eye .
12 Both in far more pleasant to the eye
13 Distance , says Berkeley , must be perceived by the mediation of something else for , ‘ being a line directed end-wise to the eye ’ , it is not perceived ‘ of itself ’ .
14 Probably for that reason as much as any other , the Manchu appearance seemed impossibly alien to the eye .
15 The most important components of the human eye are a lens and a retina , the latter acting like a screen on which images of objects external to the eye are formed .
16 The Cruz Twinkick concave [ as it 's known ] is a complex concave , and it 's not just ‘ concave ’ in profile , a very slight rise running through the length of the deck is invisible to the eye but you can feel a more comfortable footlock when you stand on it .
17 But this alone will not purify your water of waste products that are invisible to the eye .
18 The imprint is invisible to the eye , but it is shown clearly using the Kirlian technique .
19 Invisible to the eye , these rays can be picked up by sensitive custom-built detectors .
20 The species of angler fish that lives in the Sargasso Sea is blotched and betasselled in a way that matches the floating sargassum weed so closely that the angler is virtually invisible to the eye of a human being , just as it is to that of a small fish , a shrimp or any other marine creature that might drift through the surface waters of that stagnant sea .
21 Also there was no other way to express her sense of something having arrived from somewhere else , something normally invisible to the eye choosing to put on a human form .
22 They were close to the eye of the storm .
23 When visually investigating objects for details , the visually impaired child as a rule ‘ peers close ’ , that is , brings the object close to the eye , or the eye close to the object .
24 Seen from the outside , the Abbey is in Emma 's eyes : ‘ a sweet view — sweet to the eye and the mind , English verdure , English culture , English comfort . ’
25 Pupils with defective sight are especially in need of the opportunity to look at objects at close range , holding them near to the eye and having time to gaze .
26 Holland was an unbleached linen with a glazed surface and , though slightly less attractive to the eye than bleached linen , had the same properties , with the addition of being water-resistant , an important matter to be taken into account when dead bodies were concerned .
27 While unusual and exotic shapes may prove attractive to the eye , are they going to be suitable to house a successful marine micro-environment ?
28 ‘ Although the calcinating plant has been in operation for some years now , it is the most modern of its type in the industry , ’ commented senior mill manager Graham Jones , ‘ and while it may not be attractive to the eye , it does produce beautiful materials . ’
29 His wife , much as she might boast of the intellect of her pick-ups , could n't pretend they were pleasing to the eye .
30 The knack of outline planting is to arrange a selection of these shapes in groups that are pleasing to the eye .
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