Example sentences of "[adj] to the eye " in BNC.

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31 The generous buffet is both pleasing to the eye and the taste buds , with free wine to get you in the mood for an evening of entertainment .
32 It may be that the weathered materials from which it is built are particularly attractive and there is something about the building that is pleasing to the eye — soft red brick or golden stone , patterned brickwork or decorative ironwork .
33 The inside of the church is friendly and pleasing to the eye .
34 The lush , unique colours that make Rosemary clay so pleasing to the eye , now also please with fittings featuring precision unmatched by traditional manufacturing methods .
35 The first impression the guest will have on arrival will be the front desk , so obviously the counter and receptionists must be pleasing to the eye .
36 The user creates the pages by manipulating this information so as to make it pleasing to the eye , informative , amusing , or whatever effect is required .
37 How much more pleasing to the eye and the higher senses were the gleaming unbroached jars in the pantry , and how I suddenly hated the men who had assured me that in their attentions lay my fulfilment .
38 The elegant slimline desktop case has been designed to be pleasing to the eye , and overall the machine seems to be well finished off .
39 Simple , elegant , pleasing to the eye .
40 Aesthetically pleasing i.e. pleasing to the eye ?
41 Distant walls disappear in a fog of dust as dense to the eye as the black fogs of old London .
42 From a knowledge of what edges and surfaces are present , and how they are oriented relative to the eye , we are able to deduce with some confidence what three-dimensional objects are present .
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