Example sentences of "[prep] the [noun sg] [prep] [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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1 However , normal irregular traffic is not likely to achieve this low figure , and an average loss of 0.75 of a lock will be assumed in estimating the use of water for the passage of boats over the summit .
2 First , under an approved share option scheme overseas participants are restricted to shares under option up to a maximum of £100 000 value ( UK resident participants are not restricted to £100 000 value and are eligible for the grant of options over shares up to an aggregate value of four times annual remuneration ) .
3 Even amongst those organisms with well-coordinated nervous systems , a good case can be made for the dominance of beetles over mammals .
4 The British Broadcasting Corporation has extended its 30-year relationship with ICL Plc with two new contracts for the provision of services over the next six years : first , ICL 's CFM facilities management subsidiary will run the Beeb 's mainframe bureau operation in Feltham , West London on ICL Series 39 SX mainframes ; second , the BBC is taking advantage of ICL 's Open Hire agreement in its move to a distributed Unix computing environment .
5 For i = 1 , … , m , we will write for the excess of requirements over stocks held at site i of some commodity .
6 In Dew v. Parsons ( 1819 ) 2 B. & Ald. 562 an attorney was held entitled to set off against a claim by a sheriff the excess amount which he had paid to the sheriff for the issue of warrants over what the sheriff was legally entitled to charge .
7 As the war of words over November the seventh heats up , is changing the names of forty streets and metro stations back to their pre-revolutionary titles , just hours before the tanks rolled through Red Square for the traditional Revolution Day parade .
8 In others of similar nervous system and temperamental make-up it can , through the relaxing of controls over rational thought , facilitate the entry into the autism of which Bleuler wrote and from which much healthy creativity springs .
9 The two books taken together provide a fascinating portrait of the break-down of conventions over the century between their composition .
10 The extra cash help will come from the Bellwin scheme , under which the Government automatically picks up 85 per cent of the bill for disasters over and above initial spending by councils .
11 Law consulted Lansdowne on all matters of importance , kept him informed of the progress of negotiations over Ulster , but found him difficult to convince of the merits of compromise .
12 The idea of the continuity of sites over the generations is easier to accept for , if markers of some sort had been laid down , they might well have survived , even if their form had changed over time .
13 The ending of the monopoly of solicitors over house sales conveyancing and of opticians over the sale of spectacles has already been noted .
14 For however inaccurate the figures are , their inaccuracies can not have increased sufficiently to explain the sharply deteriorating trend of the balance of payments over the last few years .
15 Post-innovation performance of UK firms : an analysis of the distribution of benefits over the innovation cycle
16 And in the Jar din Massey there is a museum tracing the history of the regiment of Hussars over the five centuries since its first formation in Hungary .
17 Jacob will play Woods who shone throughout the day with wins over Peter Hunt , Peter Beatham and fellow fifth seed Nick Mills .
18 BEHIND the war of words over their respective performances , there is good news for all three ferry operators on the Ulster-Scotland sea-route .
19 We hope it does not interfere with the enjoyment of viewers over Christmas Day . ’
20 This argument starts from a different point on the balance of payments circle , with the excess of imports over exports .
21 A third set of dilemmas revolves around the question of how greater consumer choice can be reconciled with the need for controls over the total growth of services to prevent an expenditure explosion .
22 The claim that science starts with problems is perfectly compatible with the priority of theories over observation and observation statements .
23 Bryan Thomson 's match was already at the first tee when Patrick strolled up with the bag of clubs over his shoulder .
24 The adverse consequences of such loose rein appointment procedures were not lost on one White House aide who served both Nixon and Reagan During the transition the Reagan forces took a number of steps designed to deal with the sort of problems over appointments that Nixon had encountered .
25 In oral as well as in literate culture , it would appear that there are techniques whereby the directness and immediacy of everyday experience are contrasted with the holding of traditions over time , and with the ‘ fixing ’ and ratifying of definitions and meanings .
26 Gossips down in Houston insist that Compaq Computer Corp will announce its withdrawal from the Advanced Computing Environment initiative within a couple of weeks because its business is making very high volume personal computers , and it ca n't see the MIPS Computer Systems Inc RISC-based machines ever reaching those kinds of volumes ; no-one was available to comment at Compaq but its strategy has been shifting over the past year — the investment in Silicon Graphics Inc has been sold , and founder and president Rod Canion was ousted from the company after differences over strategy .
27 Do they derive from the power of men over women in the domestic arena and/or the labour market , or do they reflect the wishes of the carers themselves , or the assumptions about sex roles embedded in social policies or the ideology of sex-role stereotyping and prevailing ideas of women 's proper place …
28 This proposal will give the Directors the flexibility in future to make relatively routine changes to the schemes and the Directors intend initially to use this authority to incorporate the power to allow option holders , with the agreement of any acquiring company , to exchange their options over shares in the Company for options over the shares of that company ( or another company in the same group ) as permitted by statute since 1987 .
29 It recommends a full evaluation study of the problem , and urges an end to the disagreement in the Council of Ministers over regulations governing finance for pollution research .
30 We require to clarify any inherent pattern that might be present in the variation of imports over time .
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