Example sentences of "[prep] the [noun sg] [prep] [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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31 In order to engage in comparisons over time we were faced with a dilemma stemming from the change in the range of newspapers over this period .
32 Data from the 1931 to 1961 Censuses and from the Ministry of Social Security for 1966 showed a continuous decline in the percentage of men over the age of 65 in full-time paid employment ( Table 2.1 ) .
33 In June there were a number of developments in Soviet-United States relations designed to repair the political damage caused earlier in the year by differences over the Gulf war , the Soviet crackdown in the Baltic republics , and difficulties in arms control negotiations .
34 However , since there are more rape trials today than before , the reader of newspapers would find an increase in the number of reports over the years .
35 It 's probably the , the simplest illustration is to say that over the last three or four years , we 've moved from being well below S S A to nine point four percent above S S A , now nothing 's changed other than that we 've got a slight decrease in the number of calls over this last two years .
36 By July , the committee reported that in spite of an increase in the number of members over the last quarter , there had been a loss of trade and a decline in share capital .
37 The Worldwide Fund for Nature is , of course , just one part of a huge international Green Movement , in which we have seen massive increases in the number of supporters over the past few years .
38 In the absence of controls over referrals by non-budget holding GPs , the provision that under such contracts ‘ payment would be on a case by case basis , without any prior commitment by either party to the volume of cases which might be so dealt with ’ , would appear very similar to a prospective payment system .
39 The high seroprevalence of toxoplasma IgG among women born in Ireland compared with British born women may reflect differences in the consumption of undercooked meat or unpasteurised milk or in the use of freezers over the past 30–40 years .
40 Disappointingly there was little evidence of any change in the condition of attenders over the course of two years from the interviewing of the original sample .
41 The linking of the national President of Mexico with the workers through clientelist relationships can be seen in the pattern of strikes over the years .
42 Hadri had been active in the organization of protests over the treatment of ethnic Albanians in the Yugoslav region of Kosovo .
43 The remains of the Argentine dictator ( 1829-52 ) and nationalist figurehead , Juan Manuel de Rosas , who died in exile in the UK in 1877 , were returned to Argentina on Oct. 1 , 1989 , in what was apparently a gesture of goodwill in the context of talks over the Falkland Islands .
44 Dahl focused upon the making of decisions over which there was an observable conflict of opinion and he studied how that conflict was resolved between the different individuals and groups involved .
45 Men crawled over the area like ants over an anthill , and several small handcarts rolled along here and there .
46 Prima facie the rules against perpetuities applies to the grant of easements over things not in existence at the date of the lease .
47 ( Granite masses originate at depth and rise very slowly to the surface as diapirs over millions of years .
48 With characteristic modesty she added : ‘ I felt that the award was a tribute to the teamwork of others over the years . ’
49 On the coat of arms over the main entrance of the College in Camden Town the dates shown are 1785–1937 : the latter refers to the year in which the new Camden Town buildings were royally opened .
50 Er , six bytes across the number of characters over the four characters .
51 On the other hand it is equally important not to minimize the effects of sentencing practice on penal policy by assuming that the courts are at the mercy of pressures over which they have no control , and to which they can only passively respond .
52 Does the Prime Minister accept responsibility for the chaos and confusion at the heart of Governments over the Poll Tax ?
53 If we look at the development of computers over the past 30 years we see accelerated change of a phenomenal nature .
54 Similarly , we can look at the iconography of coins over a shorter period .
55 A new national organisation will be launched this weekend to campaign to protect small historic towns and villages and among the founder members is Kirsty Thomas , secretary of the Save Our City group , which has been at the forefront of battles over development schemes in Durham City .
56 Prince Michael , 50 , gave the interview at the time of revelations over the state of Charles and Diana 's marriage .
57 For some years the family had lived on the island of Rousay , where both the Social Work and Education Departments were actively involved with them , having been alerted by the school to concerns over the welfare of the children .
58 Configured like the reticulated rib-cage of some enormous alien creature , long dead and looming over them , the vault appeared not to have been carved but rather rubbed into shape painstakingly , no doubt by the labour of slaves over many decades , millennia earlier .
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