Example sentences of "just to be " in BNC.

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1 Face crushed face , but even the humiliated ones , the ones pushed away , the third-raters and the defeated ones , even those — from a certain distance imposed by the law of hierarchy , it 's true — still moved toward the front , showing here and there from behind the first-rate , titled ones , if only as fragments : an ear , a piece of temple , a cheek or a jaw … just to be closer to the Emperor 's eye !
2 Beyond this , the use of biography , its actual ability to throw light ( rather than just to be entertaining and nice to have around ) , seems to be a fantasy .
3 The greatest acting role in an audition is to appear just to be yourself .
4 ‘ OK , we 'll make it half-eight just to be on the safe side . ’
5 Just to be clear , what 's this ‘ prig ’ , ‘ hypocrite ’ .
6 Beyond this , what might appear just to be a way of illustrating how motets were put together — singing the two or three different , often highly contrasted melodies individually before putting them together as a polyphonic , multi-texted whole — may equally well represent a valid reflection of the manner in which they were originally performed .
7 Despite what Mrs Sangster says , the jettisoning of the Sangster flagship will be seen as further evidence of her husband falling behind in racing 's power game , in which it is no longer enough just to be a run-of-the-mill millionaire .
8 But just to be on the safe side Mrs Lawson was stationed in 11 Downing Street , giving her husband a convenient reason to visit the capital if circumstances took a sudden turn for the worse .
9 I 'm not here just to be Chairman , I 'm here because I believe in things . ’
10 That night we eat puffin , just to be sociable .
11 Just to be told what 's going on , what 's in the packet , what the future holds for us in the food game .
12 ‘ Or even not to be fucked up , just to be regular .
13 I 'd best take a look , just to be on the safe side . ’
14 Just to be on the safe side ? ’
15 I know I ca n't help , but just to be there will make me feel I 'm fighting to get Liam back .
16 We discussed my pacifism , and on one occasion I denied my convictions , just to be on his side .
17 If SHe 'd known Jahsaxa 'd had hir fixed this way just to be an orgy machine , then SHe 'd never have gone through with it .
18 She must fetch her raincoat , just to be on the safe side .
19 ‘ Our task over the next few years is not just to be an effective Parliamentary opposition but to lead great national debates about the future direction of our country and to forge a new national consensus across a range of issues . ’
20 There was a hole in the ceiling to let in the rain but just to be safe he returned every day for a week to water them and was walking back one afternoon when , turning a corner , he felt a hand on his shoulder .
21 I better not visit you until after the expedition , just to be safe . ’
22 Just to be really awkward , would it be possible for you to turn something up for us by 16 ( preferably 15 ) June ? !
23 I took myself off and got some decent therapy and learnt that it was OK just to be — I did n't have to do all the time .
24 As Box puts it , a person accused of stabbing someone is not likely just to be charged with ‘ carrying an offensive weapon ’ .
25 Suddenly they were wearing expensive clothes on and off stage , taking cabs everywhere , men were showering them with gifts in an attempt just to be seen with them .
26 Asked us ower fur drinks and when we got there — I mean Ah 'd had a bath , splashed on some of the Givenchy for Gentlemen that Isabel got me for ma Christmas and got into ma designer tracksuit just to be casual like …
27 ‘ I like having him at home , but I also need a day to myself now and again , just to be able to think my own thoughts . ’
28 But geology , is not done just to be applied .
29 Item — Why did the King leave Edinburgh on such a night just to be with his Queen ?
30 Just to be on the safe side ’ , said Mrs Joel .
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