Example sentences of "just to be " in BNC.

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31 Just to be able to give it as your address !
32 ‘ He was called Simon too , just to be confusing .
33 There were girls who followed Must n't Grumble from gig to gig just to be near the boy , recording these concerts on reel-to-reel tape-recorders .
34 He was content just to be a part of the pack , and Ollie was prepared to allow this , providing he did n't get too close to the family .
35 But it was great just to be asked to come out here .
36 The outside air temperature was above minimum , but I switched on the engine anti-ice anyway , just to be sure .
37 Just to be dubbed a ‘ best buy ’ in a range of rival tumble driers , answering machines or camcorders can lead to a rush to the store by discerning customers .
38 After the election she said : ‘ I felt I was too young just to be David 's widow within the local party .
39 David Spence , a 23-year-old from Natal studying for a diploma in social science , said : ‘ Oxford is seen as one of the very top universities in the world , and it is a dream come true just to be here .
40 The road in question was to be the new North Parade , and — just to be sure — the Trustees wanted permission if necessary to knock down almost the whole of Pig Street and a lot else besides , including :
41 Just to be using brain and muscles and feelings all together at once , and not failing .
42 Rufus , however , suggested he should take a look , just to be on the safe side .
43 I did n't mind this ; I was happy just to be there , hoping that one day she would give me some of the pretty wool to make something for myself but she never did .
44 Briefly Bodie explained what was going to happen : that Liz was going to be smuggled into the house from the taxi that would take the family home , and she was there just to be on the safe side , in case the man who had killed their two pets came back late at night .
45 Just to be sure .
46 As vets hammered out their new policy at a stormy meeting in London , one famous dog was happy just to be back with her owners at the home of Governor Patten .
47 ‘ I did not come back to international rugby just to be the grandad of the B side .
48 And Dicks is delighted just to be under consideration , because English League suspensions do n't count in the competition , which pits First Division clubs with those from Serie B.
49 He made a grunting noise just to be sure that Gurder heard him .
50 I never did like drag shows and I did n't want to spend the evening in the pub but I did it just to be with gay people .
51 Just to be told I 've won a million was one of the greatest thrills of my life .
52 It will be great just to be with the lads again .
53 Lesley wants sexual equality , but does n't believe attitudes have yet changed enough : ‘ We do n't yet have true equality ; until we do , women will have to overstress themselves and overprove themselves just to be given the same level of respect as their male peers .
54 Until there are as many and varied women in bands as there are men , we will always have to shout a bit louder just to be heard . ’
55 They seemed to be doing fine , but just to be on the safe side we gave them another four days to adapt .
56 We do n't want to lose the scrum as part of our game or just to be a means of restarting play ’ , concluded Spotswood .
57 Andrew Kalman of Crane Kalman of London was immensely relieved just to be out of Britain , commenting ‘ It 's dire .
58 We were privileged just to be here ; to have attempted two new routes from this valley ; to have explored this unvisited glacier ; to have done all this with just one other person : a friend , a tent and a rope .
59 They are not relevant to his argument , since students of rock climbing would be sufficiently gobsmacked just to be on a top-rope at Land 's End .
60 Erlich was content just to be on home territory .
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