Example sentences of "can be say " in BNC.

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1 Well , it can be said that he does not allow his mercilessness to go undetected on this occasion .
2 It can be said in his favour that the Michael X set seemed very like a fraud and a circus , and that these people had no deep connection with the politics of Trinidad .
3 Perhaps this much can be said without suggesting that the book is an epic for Kenya Asians , which tells of a people threatened by nobodies , nothings , and managing to survive .
4 All is not dark in these accounts , and indeed they can be said to gleam with a quality of reflected light .
5 It can be said of these strong-minded and independently gifted accomplices that their work shows a dimension of reciprocity and replication , of the production unit , which stands at an appreciable remove from parody and plagiarism , and from the mimicry of other people 's voices which is comprehended in the term ‘ ventriloquism ’ , which Amis goes in for in private , among friends , and which is also a pleasure of the novels he writes .
6 They can be said to determine and to indetermine , both to record , and to distort and desert , the facts of his life .
7 His shiksas and replicas , hostilities and escapes , have taken part in a great game of long duration , and he can be said to be reviewing the state of play .
8 Who can be said to have killed him ?
9 Everything he writes is Jewish in the sense that everything he writes is conscious of the Jewish faith , if that can be said without relinquishing the thought that there are such persons as unbelieving Jews .
10 To simplify a rather complex historical phenomenon , it can be said that the present political division between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael originates in positions taken by opponents in that war .
11 If my lady can be said to be amusing .
12 More than can be said for the lower one , he wrote .
13 'You look fresh as a daisy which is more than can be said for the rest of us. ’ said John .
14 But Fodor goes on to argue that much of what can be said about reflexes can also be said about processes which we would normally regard as ‘ cognitive ’ rather than ‘ neurological ’ or ‘ behavioural ’ : the parsing of heard sentences , for example .
15 Much the same can be said about sentence parsing .
16 A few words can be said by a relative or friend , or , if there is no wish for a religious ceremony , a non-religious one can be planned .
17 The same can be said about Constant Lambert 's arrangement of Auber 's music for Ashton 's Les Rendezvous and Meyerbeer 's for Ashton 's Les Patineurs .
18 Although Symphonic Variations was not intended as a ritual , Ashton can be said to have used it as such for six dancers who were practising their art in the spacious simplicity of Sophie Fedorovitch 's décor .
19 This is well exemplified in Fokine 's choreography fur the first Nocturne in Les Sylphides , where it can be said that the corps de ballet are marking the overall rhythm lasting sixteen or thirty-two bars , whilst the three soloists represent the shorter rhythmical phrases lasting four to ) eight bars .
20 The leitmotifs for Giselle created by Adam and Perrot can be said to disclose her emotional development .
21 It can be said to be the wind rustling through the trees , when first heard as the Tsarevich climbs over the wall to find his Princess .
22 Exactly the same can be said of ethical and psychological categories , or any critical categories whatever . ’
23 The other kind would be academics who are committed to a tough professionalism on the American model , who believe that knowledge advances and becomes obsolete , that theory is essential , and that nothing of interest can be said about literature outside an institutional framework .
24 Ideally , all that needs to be said can be said in an hour , and if you think the journalist is genuinely interested in your work , try to give him or her as much time as required — it is appreciated .
25 Of ‘ all the oppositions that furrow Freudian thought ’ it can be said that ‘ one is but the other different and deferred , one differing and deferring the other ’ ( Margins of Philosophy , 17 — 18 ) .
26 What emerges from the space of humanism contradicts what once defined that space ; in this sense Fanon can be said to have followed the path of the perverse : a negation of the dominant is made from a trajectory that emerged from it — a deviation from , which is also , simultaneously , a contradiction of .
27 Miss Ellis writes cleverly and without wasting words , and her tale of Lili whose father is Egyptian and whose mother English , and whose own nature allows her to assume either nationality as the whim takes her , can be said to be compact and readable .
28 Penzias does not , though , embrace the philosophical heresy that computers can be said to reason , even if public credulity , reinforced by science fiction , often imputes sentient powers to them .
29 Which is more than can be said , perhaps , for some of the offerings labelled Panto that are currently mopping up a lot of customers .
30 The Navy can be said to have won the first round of the long-running carrier battle , which was to bedevil Naval-Air relations for the next decade .
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