Example sentences of "can be say " in BNC.

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31 The best that can be said of his success on that occasion is that it postponed the period of uncertainty that a split in the party would bring .
32 But the owner 's possession , and with it his actual power to exercise his rights , is for the time being gone ; he must recover the watch — as he may even lawfully do by his own act — before he can be said to be again in possession of it .
33 Simon thought it sensible and practical ‘ which is more than can be said for most of their gimmicks , but ’ he warned her , ‘ if they like it they 'll take it over as their own .
34 The uranium series measurements give a slightly older date of 205,000 years BP , but given that the uncertainties in each of these figures are typically 20 per cent , the two techniques can be said to agree with each other .
35 Uncle Buck is the obvious example , but the same can be said about brat pack action movies like Young Guns , family comedies like Parenthood , even blockbuster action like The Abyss double recommended as a trailer because you do n't have to put up with those awful cute aliens that turn up at the end of the film .
36 If anyone can be said to deserve a holiday , she told herself firmly , then I am the one .
37 In truth , all that can be said is that , in both the Free Presbyterian Church and in the UPV , there were a small number of people ( none of whom were figures of any stature in the Church ) who were prepared to abet others in the commission of crimes to further the aims which the vast majority of people in the Church and UPV wished to see promoted by less violent means .
38 Yet this much can be said : that in the research of these days , the evidence of some form of parochial structure is more likely to take one by surprise for its earliness than its lateness .
39 Moreover , elements of the personality cult had attained far wider resonance and , as we have seen in earlier chapters , can be said to have affected the vast majority of the population , leaving completely untouched only sections still wholly anchored ideologically in left-wing philosophies of life , those totally alienated by the attacks on the Churches , and a few exceptional individuals among intellectuals and members of the upper bourgeoisie who despised the irrationality of the Führer cult , were entirely nauseated by the populist vulgarity of Nazism , and could see national disaster looming .
40 I do not think it can be said that the manner of death is any more horrific than it used to be ( although it may well be different ) but it may be that the way of reporting someone 's death has radically changed and that this has brought its own problems .
41 Perhaps it can be said that , when people are searching for meaning , they are at the beginning of a journey , not at the end of it .
42 Why , he thought — if one can be said to think in dreams — did I ever take this on ?
43 For example : it can be said at once — and briefly — that the probability that she was massively involved in the murder of Darnley is very strong .
44 However , it does not follow from this that there is nothing in an animal 's head , or that nothing useful can be said about it .
45 WP Whatever else can be said about the East European regimes , they clearly failed to motivate their populations .
46 What can be said with certainty is that the Danes still dance a Bournonville ballet much better than any other company , with far greater understanding and sympathy for its original style .
47 Many things can be said in conversation which assume a different weight when used , verbatim or otherwise , on the printed page .
48 From a socio-economic point of view , the low-input/low-output farm , which predominates especially , but not exclusively in the Mediterranean and upland regions , can be said to be an adaptation to the extremely difficult conditions under which it operates .
49 The same can be said about the goal of family-oriented intervention and the provision of after care .
50 Perhaps the most fundamental characteristic of a system that can be said to be ‘ living ’ is its ability to self-replicate .
51 ‘ When it comes to the purity of our water , we have virtually no traces of bacteria in the finished product , which is more than can be said for some other Common Market countries , ’ Dr Derek Miller , assistant director of the soon-to-be-privatised Water Research Centre told the newspaper .
52 Briefly , then , for we shall be returning to this same point later in the book , it can be said that the performance mode itself can be protective , either because it is seen to be mainly a technical or intellectual task , or because the dramatic form is powerful enough to enhance whatever the participants ' contribution might be .
53 Yet , as Mary Ainsworth ( 1969 ) points out in relation to the concept of attachment between mother and child ( monkeys included ) , a mental or physiological condition can be said to be present even when it is not visible in behaviour .
54 But both can be said to have a basic requirement for nitrogen , which they incorporate into their own proteins and nucleic acids .
55 Much the same can be said of Ayer 's treatment of existence .
56 Precisely the same can be said of the many divine beings reverenced from within Hindu tradition .
57 What can be said , however , is that this sense of an ultimate monotheism according to which the gods are recognised to be manifestations of a single absolute reality is deeply woven into the religious tradition of Hindus .
58 God is present throughout reality in the sense in which a person can be said to be present throughout his or her body .
59 At the very least , this poem can be said to show Leapor 's awareness of the vulnerability of an unmarried woman who is dependent on her father for financial support .
60 The second section looks at the various legal provisions which can be said to be concerned with certain specific social and moral educational objectives : the law on sex and race discrimination , religious education and collective worship , sex education and the coverage of political issues in the classroom .
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