Example sentences of "can be [verb] " in BNC.

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1 There is no biographical key with which it can be unlocked — and I have not been trying to turn one in this essay of mine , which does not believe it , for that matter , to be locked .
2 The retained profit can be unlocked by declaration of a dividend .
3 But no civilised state can be bound by the whims of the people .
4 The craft of weaving requires threads that can be bound together , the skill to combine them , and knowledge of the patterns that can be formed .
5 REACTIVE chlorine compounds are known to cause ozone depletion in the Antarctic stratosphere , but they can be bound into an inactive form through reactions with nitrogen dioxide .
6 520 that the Crown Prosecution Service can be bound if they consent to be bound .
7 We can be producing the same quantity of electronics goods , of many household appliances and so on , with many fewer workers than have been used in past .
8 ‘ If anything can be concluded from this book , it is that I was born , ’ writes Sisson after touching on that event , which occurred 75 years ago in a building since occupied by the Bristol Rovers Supporters Club .
9 Certainly it can be concluded that the circumstances of Sisson 's early life fuelled his salutary hatreds and helped form the outsider 's perspective which now makes him a scourge of the age 's insidious orthodoxies .
10 It can be concluded therefore that the action project appears to make a difference in terms of the length of time people are sustained at home , but only to a certain type of dementia sufferer , and the numbers affected are likely to be small unless a wide geographical area is covered .
11 Without going into any further detail it can be concluded that prey composition must be used cautiously in any attempt to identify predators by their prey assemblages .
12 From this it can be concluded first that Aristo interprets the dispositions as trusts .
13 What can be concluded ?
14 However , there is still a shortfall of £500,000 which has to be found before negotiations can be concluded .
15 From this it can be concluded that only 1.4 per cent of this large number of coins establishes the date of the deposit but in this case , since there are no later Roman coins found in Britain , it could be even later ; a salutary lesson for all excavators .
16 If it can be established by observation in some test experiment that a 10 lb. weight and a 1 lb. weight in free fall move downwards at roughly the same speed , then it can be concluded that the claim that bodies fall at speeds proportional to their weight is false .
17 Since this period was also accompanied by a decline of the labour force in agriculture , it can be concluded that those who left the industry were predominantly not those living in tied accommodation .
18 Second , it can be concluded for both the UK ( Best , 1976 ) and for the EEC ( Best , 1979 ) that although there are major differences within countries , notably in the relative areas devoted to woodland and urban land , that there is a common pattern of land loss to both urban use and woodland as shown in Figure 8.1 .
19 From these and many other similar studies , it can be concluded that there is a strong but by no means uniform statistical correlation between educational indicators and economic growth .
20 What then can be concluded from this debate ?
21 Thus it can be concluded that the LTP , and in contrast to Bliss 's group , other labs reported that there was an increase in the number of these receptors in hippocampal neurons following induction of LTP , thus moving the focus of interest about mechanism from the pre-to the postsynaptic side .
22 What can be concluded from the discussion thus far is that the approach to findings of evidence is integrally related to the view of jurisdiction adopted .
23 So , what can be concluded from the PIMS data base about the relationships implied in the portfolio matrices ?
24 It can be concluded from the evidence of Table 16.5 that there is little relationship between low tax burdens and faster economic growth .
25 If a similar plot for a set of randomly-generated stream patterns shows the same result then it can be concluded , that in the absence of geological and topographical controls , stream patterns appear to be generated by random processes .
26 Also from Booth 's conversation with Dicke it can be concluded that Dicke knew long before World War II that wheat products contained the offending agent ; ‘ It was a young mother 's statement of her coeliac child 's rash improving rapidly if she removed bread from the diet , that alerted his interest , when he was a paediatrician in The Hague in 1936 . ’
27 While nothing definitive can be concluded from such meagre data , the fact that such examples do seem to suggest different impressions than the to infinitive to speakers of various dialects indicates that they deserve closer attention , especially in the light of a further examination of the passive voice .
28 Provided proper procedures are established and followed to ensure their incorporation into the business 's contracts , contracts can be concluded by relatively junior employees whilst the terms can limit or exclude the power of such employees to negotiate or vary the business 's obligations .
29 It can be concluded from these data that a ZNF11 gene duplication event occurred relatively recently in the evolution of the human lineage .
30 Release information in limited quantities so that it can be absorbed and understood .
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