Example sentences of "can be [verb] " in BNC.

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31 At 100 metres ( 325 feet ) , a dolphin 's lungs are probably completely collapsed — all the air has been forced into the thick-walled windpipe and nasal passages , from where no nitrogen can be absorbed into the blood .
32 Alternatively , imbalance of forces can be absorbed into the body , as strain or deformation , until the elastic and plastic limits are reached and the body disintegrates .
33 Other planners are wondering how much more development can be absorbed .
34 The electric field of the radiation can interact with these charges and so radiation can be absorbed , as in common salt .
35 There is a growing interest in other ‘ guest ’ molecules that can be absorbed by the ‘ host ’ zeolite .
36 A vomitoxin can be absorbed through the skin , causing a soldier to remove his mask to vomit and thus exposing him to other toxic agents , through his respiratory system .
37 On a good day ( for the parents , that is ) children can be absorbed for hours in the imaginative construction of a world which depends on them alone for its realization and reward .
38 During digestion , enzymes then break these nutrients down so that they can be absorbed through the walls of the digestive tract and enter the bloodstream .
39 One of the processes of digestion is to reduce food to a substance which can be absorbed in the bloodstream as sugar .
40 Minerals : Minerals ( or trace elements ) can be absorbed by fish , either from their food or from the surrounding water .
41 However the actual molecular mechanism by which so much energy can be absorbed during fracture varies a great deal between the different kinds of solids .
42 ‘ I use a rough canvas for my oils so that many layers of paint can be absorbed into the grain .
43 Tobacco accounts for ‘ little more than 1% of the $50bn ( £28.9bn. ) spent on advertising in the EC in 1990 ’ ( Financial Times , 20.5.91 ) and advertising industry forecasts are for a strong rise in total advertising expenditure throughout the EC , so that the removal of tobacco advertising can be absorbed easily .
44 Alford is the perfect setting for this revival of the old skills and here , more than in any other town , the unique and profound atmosphere of ‘ life as it was ’ can be absorbed .
45 Gay women can be absorbed in any aspect of the women 's movement , ’ she says .
46 However , detailed observations of a variety of teachers using the same material ( see , for example , reference 2 ) immediately reveals the wide range of teaching styles that are used and the apparent ease with which almost any material can be absorbed into any style .
47 Finally , care should be taken not to overstock the pond , as if too many fish are present they will consume more oxygen than can be absorbed across the water surface .
48 Prosecutions by local authorities under the Act of 1950 have little deterrent effect , because the increased sales are such that fines at the level presently authorised under the statute can be absorbed by large retailers as a relatively small increase in their costs , though the same is not true of small shops with their much lower sales .
49 The rate at which people can be absorbed into the public social service sector , or are willing and able to enter it , does not depend on the social planners alone , and there is much scope for improvement in our whole approach to manpower and womanpower problems .
50 The radiation incident on a leaf can be absorbed , reflected or transmitted , and this division of the incident radiation will be further discussed later .
51 Moreover , mercury in the banned products can be absorbed by the skin and lead to hypertension , stroke and heart failure .
52 The study also reveals that heavy metals , in particular cadmium and zinc , present in the sludge , are taken up by plants and can be absorbed into the food chain far more easily than previously thought .
53 Judge Russell Holland said : " These fines send the wrong message , suggesting that spills are a cost of business which can be absorbed . "
54 It is toxic by inhalation or ingestion and can be absorbed through the skin .
55 There is a way of course , a classic way in which deficits trad can be absorbed .
56 Obviously , since the filters are purely reactive , none of this power can be absorbed in them and it all reaches the terminating load in each case .
57 Children 's co-operation can be secured by guiding and helping them towards some desirable action or way of thought .
58 Loans can be secured or unsecured and have a fixed or floating interest rate .
59 Clearly this is most difficult to achieve when people 's objectives are in conflict , but even then , with skill , a win-win can be secured .
60 In this way a regular income flow can be secured .
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