Example sentences of "[Wh det] [modal v] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 However , as I have n't yet had the opportunity to study the large scale maps of the area , there may be hidden markers which may firm up the circles and so narrow the discrepancy .
2 The most troublesome cases are provided where the problem is identified by pluralists as one of incomplete integration into the central value-system resulting in a state of backwardness in the outlying regions which may t e permanent .
3 There is a presumption ( but no more ) that it is a penalty when ‘ a single lump is made payable by way of compensation , on the occurrence of one or more or all of several events , some of which may occasion serious and others but trifling damage … ’
4 A trivial slight , a threat to self-esteem , which might cause you a moment 's irritation , here can give rise to resentments which may fester for centuries . ’
5 It can take several hours to kill an entire whale group which may number several hundred individuals . ’
6 Mr McCallum continued that the decisions made by the Social Work Department were made on the basis of confidential information , and should that department reply to the Action Committee , he said , they might divulge information which should nut be revealed at that time .
7 Of more concern is the sharp rise in motoring costs , which must impact particularly severely on rural Scotland .
8 In truth , the task was less daunting than it could have been , partly because a considerable number of our sportspersons did not ( Gasp ! ) regularly purchase the magazine and were therefore unlikely to spot the odd line which might interest m'learned friends .
9 Satisfied that it contained nothing which might distress the girl , she read aloud :
10 which might sort of
11 Reports from the US suggest that Covia 's software will also be snapped up by Sun Microsystems Inc , which could OEM CI as an add-on to its Open Networking Computing environment .
12 The first synthetic assembly glues were therefore of the ureaformaldehyde type which could h set with much weaker catalysts .
13 By 1808 the unpopularity of Godoy had spread beyond these circles to embrace all classes and the revolution prophesied in 1798 was turning against the court that supported his power : a monarchy which could disgrace itself and by its foreign policy plunge Spain into inflation , dear bread , commercial depression , and the loss of the American market must be limited by a constitution .
14 Although this programme has not yet started if you feel you have an initiative which could quality contact your representative and have a chat .
15 Not only do the World Cup organisers have to keep England 's and Holland 's supporters apart , they will also have to cope with Ireland 's peaceful ‘ green army ’ , which could number 20,000 .
16 Obviously the activity of a pair of adult foxes feeding a family which could number as many as eight cubs has a quite drastic effect on the local rabbit population .
17 And that same yron man which could reueale
18 And they will see , now that is appropriate , this is something which could interest , could concern my readers , and yes , they will be drawn in and they will read more of it .
19 Some sort of adventure story , he supposed , which would film well .
20 He had been saving as much as possible from the grant in the hope of amassing a small sum which would tide him over until he could find a local job .
21 Thanks to Emma 's years of extreme beneficence , Rachaela had managed to save a little , and now there was some interest which would tide her over , perhaps until the new year .
22 I looked round in history for a fitting symbol for a party which would repesent the individual citizen against the state and the person I alighted on was John Hampden .
23 The access group wants a new law by the end of the century which would enshrine the freedom to roam , providing no significant damage was done to land management or conservation .
24 Earlier this month a bill began its passage through California 's legislature which would sentence touts , or scalpers as it calls them , to a fine of $1,000 or a year in jail .
25 Warning that there was no single mechanism which would catapult Britain to economic strength , Mr Kinnock said : ‘ Research and development , transport and communications , science , education and training ; they are the priorities .
26 However , applying such a model directly to the topic of attitudes towards the monarchy would neglect the role of implicit factors , especially the implicit justifications which could be called upon should an argumentative attack be mounted or the implicit criticisms which would surface into explicitness under changed historical circumstances .
27 On March 20 the opposition National Convention for the Restoration of Democracy [ see p. 37922 ] criticized the government for failing to uphold the pledges of its own programme and called for the formation of a government enjoying the nation 's confidence , which would institute real political change .
28 Which would Sophia prefer ? he asked himself .
29 Even allowing for my interest in all things Cambrian it is a well worthwhile volume which would interest even the least technically proficient enthusiast .
30 PRESIDENT REAGAN is weighing up a report which would hand control of the US 's weather and remote-sensing satellites to private enterprise .
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