Example sentences of "[Wh det] [modal v] [noun] " in BNC.

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31 Unfortunately " they did not have information on any program which would de with a small issue of some 500 items .
32 One was for a building which would seat 306 people as well as the choir .
33 He knew that when the circle was spinning fast enough against the standing magical field of the discworld itself in its slow turning , the resulting astral friction would build up a vast potential difference which would earth itself by a vast discharge of the Elemental Magical Force .
34 To remedy this bias , de Gaulle called for a return to a system based on gold , which would discipline US monetary policy and place all nations on a more equal footing .
35 They felt there would be two consequences to this which would disadvantage the arts in relation to other curriculum areas .
36 Before we seek authorisation for the production phase , it will be necessary for each nation to restate or modify it 's planned off take and that will be done very firmly on the basis of the studies which er Group Captain Granville White has already d described which will factor in er against our military tasks , which is , y you know we define now fairly clearly , er exactly what aircraft are needed to undertake those tasks in what scenarios and in the future er as you say , there may well be scope for er adding additional aircraft types to that .
37 His people will share the vision and strive for it too , creating their own personal vision of what is required , a personal vision which will mesh in with that of the Profitboss and the overall company .
38 In part this is due to a desire to avoid a rigidly causal account which will straitjacket capitalist societies into a single position , not allowing for their diversity and variation .
39 Here is a diesel-engine car which will out-gun many of its petrol-engine rivals .
40 The big prize looks sure to be decided by a special scoring table which will gauge which man performs best on the night at Crystal Palace and Christie insisted : ‘ Colin 's got a very good chance I reckon only Zelezny and Morceli will challenge him . ’
41 We will then provide an estimate and advise you how to increase your protection by fitting the latest in high sensitivity circuit breakers which will trip automatically providing you with increased protection against shock and fire .
42 In making this conversion , the software will attempt an intelligent error analysis of the prepared data and will produce an error file which will flag all errors to enable an editor familiar with the program to make the necessary adjustments .
43 There are also all manner of other plans involving not just pan-Scottish events to allow a wider constituency to respond to the implications of the democracy march , but initiatives which will flag up Scottish concerns across the European parliamentary scene .
44 LIFESPAN will also create files in this directory for its own use — each LIFESPAN Process writes a command file here which will route users to the correct process when they wish to use LIFESPAN .
45 The particular organisations which will benefit have been nominated by members of the families of the tree who were
46 Using that technology — which it picked-up from its acquisition of Multiflow 's Customer Support Division — Bell says it is collaborating in a joint venture with an unidentified ‘ up and coming ’ multi-processor specialist which will roll-out a Sparc system of that genre by 1993 .
47 If demand is greater we can either book another bus or use the mini bus which will seat another 15 .
48 The £4.5million Beach End complex , which will seat 6,000 , has been named in honour of the Aberdeen chairman who has been associated with the club for 60 years , first as a player and then as a director .
49 A command which will renumber the lines and correct the cross references inside a program .
50 It might look hi-tech , but very soon Central will be operating new equipment which will speed-up the operation even more .
51 Financier Sir James Goldsmith has announced plans to provide £1 million in funding to a new organization , Sustainable Agriculture , Food and Environment ( SAFE ) , which will group together small farmers , organic growers and green organisations .
52 To have big car luxury and performance which can outmanoeuvre the opposition .
53 He said searchers have had to fight their way through areas of dense undergrowth which can edge on to sheer cliff faces .
54 The latter may depend upon the receptor switching from a low-affinity ( R L ) state , which can gate calcium , to an inactive high-affinity ( R H ) state .
55 The ‘ Noahs Ark ’ of extremes , shows the heaviest snake , the largest primate and the oldest vertibrate , which can life beyond 152 years .
56 Substantiated complaints may result in applications to the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal , which can disbar the barrister , suspend from practice , order to repay or forgo fees , or order various types of rebuke to be administered .
57 The community health service provides home nursing , which can b very useful to handicapped persons , and in some areas physiotherapy classes and transport are available .
58 To help its VAX or Mips users move to Alpha platforms , DEC has developed binary translation tools which can recompile programs for Alpha without using source code , to which customers may not have access .
59 Aggressive factors include gastric juice and bile salts which can reflux back into the stomach .
60 If neither does it is clear that both processes have exactly the same possible communications , and furthermore any environment which can deadlock with either can deadlock with SKIP ALT(G1) or some SKIP option within G3 .
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